Canadians from all walks of life are being charged up on fear porn around claims of Chinese election interference and subversion of our “rules based democratic order”.

But is it true?

Is there even a shred of evidence to support this claim circulated by classified briefings among Canada’s intelligence community OR is there a darker game at play?

Answering this question will take us into the dark bowels of the Five Eyes, NATO, and a certain fascist secret army apparatus which controlled domestic terrorist movements throughout the Cold War under a project called ‘Operation Gladio’.

From this vantage point, we will better appreciate the true causes of Canada’s FLQ terrorist crisis in the 1960s-1970s, the murder of Quebec Deputy Premier Pierre Laporte in 1970 and why martial law was imposed onto Quebec during that same period.

If you find that Canada’s intelligence agencies are less Canadian and patriotic than your media would have you believe, then don’t be surprised.

The role of leading Nazis that integrated into NATO, and the origins and purpose of the Five Eyes in keeping this strategy of tension going even after the Cold War ended will be explored in the newest Canadian Patriot Review Film which was made possible by the talent and resilience of filmmaker Jason Dahl.

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  1. Canadians are too stupid to look south for US interference in elections. They won’t confront their ignorance of UK, French, and NAYOYO interference in Canadian politics and economy. so the born-again Yankee traitors invent a Chinese enemy. Just as the US is trying to invent an enemy with stupid stories of Chinese creation of covid. every variant of COVID was created in the west with pathetically stupid public health policies.

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