The Canadian Patriot Review is proud to announce the release of a 75 page, full color special report titled Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops: How the Cold War is Being Revived and What You Can Do About It”. This report features essential research exposing the new false narratives which are working overtime to close your mind off of the reality of the Anglo-Venetian oligarchy at the causal nexus of a global dark age agenda.

In this special report, Matt Ehret and Cynthia Chung debunk the many leading myths about China as “the center command of world evil” and explore the inner fights waged between Chinese patriots in opposition to fifth column traitors that have worked tirelessly on behalf of foreign oligarchical interests to subvert China from within since the dark days of the Opium Wars.

How did a Chinese deep state grow under the guiding hand of the Trilateral Commission, Henry Kissinger and a nest of transhumanists affiliated with Tavistock starting in the early 1970s?

How did Henry Kissinger’s plans to keep China as a slave labor plantation come undone?

How was China able to purge George Soros after a failed color revolution in 1989 and how did Soros’ operatives flee to the USA over the ensuing 25 years?

What the hell is Steve Bannon and his Chinese bosom buddy Miles Guo anyway?

Is there truly a “Uyghur muslim genocide” in Xinjiang as western governments have proclaimed?

How did the Club of Rome usher in the one china policy?

Is Taiwan a tool of the US military industrial complex? What is the “Hong Kong” freedom movement? And where does Tibet fit into this?

How is China opposing the global depopulation agenda?

How do ethnically-targetted bioweapons play into 21st century warfare and why is the “Wuhan lab story” a planted red herring?

All of these questions and much more will be answered within the Canadian Patriot Review’s Special Report

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Breaking Free… is a condensed and intricate collection of insightful and provocative ideas about China’s recent trajectory in the world. It presents a perspective eminently more palatable to the intellect than that produced by “commonplace western media and armadas of geopolitical think tankers”.

-Denis Rancourt, PhD
Co-Director, CORRELATION Research in the Public Interest (

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