We are told that we are living through the emerging “Fourth Industrial Revolution”.

In this transitionary period, we have been told by borg-like technocrats that humans will merge with the machines engineered by social engineers, and that we as biological machines, will be part of a new “organism” mixed of metal, plastic, silicon and flesh.

This new species of “transhuman” will be liberated from all outdated ideas of Soul, morality, freedom, free will or any relationship with the Divine.

We are assured by priests of this new technotronic age that everything is determined for us by DNA, all is pre-programmed in the Great Book of Random Evolution (written by nobody) and the result is inevitable, unavoidable and absolutely inescapable.

This perspective justifies top down intervention and control, by an oligarchic elite Enlightened by Modern Reason (which gained cultural preponderance in the Enlightenment Hubris, also giving rise to the modern utopia of liberal democracies).

The Enlightenment Hubris that flowed into the technocratic illusion that we are told is the only solution for the organization of society, the world, the planet, and our biological and cybernetic progression.

In this 4th and final revolution, all of history will finally come to an end, as Francis Fukuyama prophesied, and the algorithms self-programmed by Artificial Intelligence (fused with our human/animal biology) will create the sustainable world that will serve as a counter-balance to the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and allow this form of Miscegenated “Life” to “live” in balance and “sustainability” on the planet and Universe until the (inevitable) entropic collapse of the same.

In my latest interview with Contra Corrente’s Gonçalo Alves da Cunha and João P Silva, we dig into all of these topics and more.

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