Citizens of the Trans Atlantic are living through something that few ever imagined they would have to face in their lifetimes.

Not only is the vast trans-Atlantic system now in the fatal stage of a meltdown that will sweep across the globe wrecking terror and havoc if no leadership can arise in time to address it, but conflicting ideological systems are struggling over what the principle character of the new order will be and whom it will serve.

Will the coming new system service an oligarchical elite at the expenses of the majority of human civilization under a new feudal order of de-growth and war?

Or will the new system serve sovereign nation states and the needs of the people under a system of win-win cooperation, large scale development initiatives and leaping beyond the limits to growth?Unfortunately for many citizens trapped within those regions of the globe that are directed by NATO, and Anglo-American finance, the clarity of this fight has been obscured by mountainous misinformation in both mainstream and alternative media reporting.

Myth-makers and narrative re-framers affiliated with Anglo-American intelligence organizations have deployed a wide array of misinformation into the zeitgeist in order to make the good appear evil and the evil appear good. The simple goal of these efforts are to convince those citizens who would normally organize towards solutions in the face of a raging fire that the water is their greatest enemy.Such is the case we now see with the portrayal of those nations of Eurasia as the evil bogeymen whom the intrepid Five Eyes Intelligence agencies teaches citizens to fear on a daily basis.

These Eurasian nations whom we have been taught to fear have successfully waged war against vast deep state operations embedded within their governing class over the course of the past two decades, while maneuvering to establish a coalition of nations capable of doing battle with the centralized evil of Anglo-American private finance and its associated power over the military industrial complex that has lit the world on fire over the course of eight decades of forever wars.

Yet for so many people trapped within the NATO-sphere of influence, this fight cannot be seen.

The role that China has played in stabilizing the Middle East, doing battle with George Soros, pulling nearly a billion people out of poverty, and  increasing standards of life for all who have participated in the Belt and Road Initiative is invisible to minds that have been soaked in anti-China propaganda.

For most consumers of western media, the Belt and Road Initiative is associated with imperialism, and China is associated with the “China virus” that was released to destroy the free and civilized western order.

China is treated much as Russia had been during the years of Russiagate (proven definitively to have always been a lie through the publication of the Durham Report in May 2023).

Without a shred of evidence, westerners have been told by their “patriotic” intelligence agencies that China has interfered in elections, maintained “secret police stations”, attacked us with military balloons, directed honey pots to subvert western politicians, and carried out cultural subversion through Beijing’s Confucius Institutes and Tik Tok.

In those rare cases where a source is actually cited justifying an anti-China accusation, consumers of media rarely take the time to verify the nature the source.

The Strategic Importance of this Special Report

Within the following report, serving as a sequel to Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops part 1, Cynthia Chung and I have done our best to paint a thorough picture of the dynamics shaping our world and the sources telling those lies about China which we are fed on a daily basis. Our intention in crafting this report is to give readers the tools they need to break free of the anti-China narratives that have been deployed to revive a new Cold War using the same stories that worked to keep us malleable during the worst days of J. Edgar Hoover’s management of the USA.

Our aim is not to disprove every single false claim about China, since accusations are literally created out of thin air with new stories generated every few days.

Our goal in this present report is not to engage in cutting heads off of a hydra, but rather to address the common theme underlying all of these stories by helping the reader understand CONTEXT that are always left out of mainstream media brainwashing.

It is through this exploration of context that the nuance needed to discern fact from fiction is gained, and it is through context that the mind will always be able to escape the trappings of spell casters among our CIA-run media outlets that seek to manipulate our thoughts and feelings.

Thus we have found it expedient to follow up our first edition of Breaking Free of Anti-China Psyops with this second special report that will help you better understand the global and historic dynamics underlying the corruption that has taken over so much of the world during the post-WWII years.

We will showcase the real belligerent players in the Asia Pacific and Europe seeking to establish a global military regime even at the risk of lighting the world on nuclear fire, and we will see who is the principal culprit behind the growth of international terrorism, biowarfare and regime change operations (and no it isn’t China).

We will outline the clash of two opposing green paradigms, with one outlook driven by an intention to green deserts and improve life of both the biosphere and humanity while the other is driven by an intention to protect deserts while reducing human population drastically.

We will also showcase the true nature of “the microchip wars” and the real reasons why Japan’s former Prime Minister Shinzo Abe was assassinated, and we will review the growth of NATO from a Cold War Atlanticist operation towards an increasing global military order pressing on China’s backyard.Perhaps most importantly of all will be the final section of this report that will introduce the actual power structures behind those intelligence agencies and organizations that were created during the Cold War with the intention of undermining the viability of sovereign nation states across the trans Atlantic zone of influence.

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