Mankind is at a crossroads defined by two opposing paradigms. Either continue to hold onto the traditions of oligarchism which has defined our struggle for existence based upon a rule of the jungle “each against all” outlook for far too long, or embrace our higher nature as a species of creative reason whose purpose and values are not looked for in “how we feel about ourselves in the present” but rather what we create and leave behind for future generations to build ever more upon.

With the emergence of China’s New Silk Road (One Belt and One Road Initiative) as a force for global progress, poverty eradication, and peace, Canada has been confronted with an existential choice: Either continue to abide by the rule of monetarism, post-industrialism and war which have become signature features of the Anglo-American system dominant since World War two and run through the City of London and Wall Street, or embark upon a new mission of “win-win cooperation”, respect for the sovereignty of each nation while working in harmony with a community of share interest vectored around long term goals, great infrastructure programs and scientific discovery. This latter system is empowered by the force of new institutions such as the BRICS, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and Eurasian Economic Union. New credit generating institutions have been created to advance the expanded New Silk Road vision have come online such as the Asia Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), the New Development Bank and the Silk Road Investment Fund to name a few.

European nations are now deliberating whether they should continue to sit in the failed Euro cage, or embark on this project which openly welcomes all sovereign countries as partners in development. The question is what will Canada do in the face of this historic opportunity?

The Canadian Patriot is both a geopolitical journal and a platform for a broader discussion about Canada’s role as a sovereign participant within this harmony of nations which is now emerging. As Canada increasingly becomes a part of the New Silk Road process and paradigm of brotherhood for all mankind, the Canadian Patriot will also help historians shed light upon the suppressed history which every Canadian has a right to know, with the faith that with a greater understanding of our past, we may not repeat its mistakes as we prepare for our future.

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The views expressed in the Canadian Patriot Review are inspired by the philosophy and strategic outlook of Lyndon LaRouche. The specific policy propositions for Canada contained in this report are those of the authors of the Canadian Patriot Review.