In this week’s episode of Breaking History on Badlands Media, Sean Morgan and I discuss the terms of the Russia-China led BRICS alliance which is quickly expanding in size and power as the western bubble heads closer towards the inevitable systemic breakdown. Within this emerging new multipolar system premised on long-term growth, a rejection of Malthusianism and physical commodities, will the USA find the moral fortitude to participate as honest participants and partners?

Of course this means that a Trump-RFK Jr partnership breaks the USA free of the London-directed death cult managing the Deep State before hell is unleashed.

It also means a fast-paced rediscovery of how the USA’s once powerful economic system was built following principles of American system economics as seen by Lincoln’s Greenbacks, FDR’s Reconstruction Finance Corporation, and JFK’s industrial tax credit program.

Understanding the battle at Bretton Woods in 1944 between the multipolar alliance leadership of the USA’s Harry Dexter White vs the Unipolar depopulationist agenda led by John Maynard Keynes will also be useful if today’s USA will discover it’s better heritage.

If Macron’s France can find itself breaking with imperial profile by asking to participate in the upcoming BRICS+ Summit in South Africa, while vetoing NATO plans to expand into the Pacific, then anything is possible.

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