In this episode of Tish Talk with host Patricia Conlin (PPC candidate, author and host), Matt Ehret was asked to deal with a long list of popular anti-China narratives that have been deployed to psychologically manipulate frightened westerners from both liberal and conservative sides of the spectrum to 1) ignore the causal role of Anglo-Venetian intelligence behind the controlled disintegration of western civilization while 2) re-directing hate and fear energy towards a new Chinese boogeyman.

The topics we unpack in this extended interview include:

• A 3000 year overview of China and the roots of the Belt and Road: Has it ever acted like an empire?
• The American connection to China’s revolution and President Sun Yat-sen
• Economic collapse in China with stock market and Evergrande bankruptcy where will it lead
• Is Xi Jinping a good guy or a bad guy? (and is it true that China kicked out Soros, saved the world from the green climate nazis, Shut down woke agenda and reformed banking?)
• How to understand the CPC and fifth column deep state inside of China
• Did China create/deploy covid onto the world via the Wuhan lab or is something being left out of this conversation?
• What is behind the “China wants to Invade Taiwan” narrative?
• What’s the deal with the massive surveillance state/social credit system in China?
• Are the “Two Michaels” Canadian heroes or Soros-connected creeps?
• Is Huawei a Chinese spy machine infiltrating our free and democrating west?
• Uyghur genocide and retraining camps: Fact or Fiction?
• Tibetan independence crushing: Fact or Fiction?
• Organ harvesting of Falun Gong practitioners: Fact or Fiction?
• Hong Kong democracy and Taiwan democracy fighters: Defenders of freedom or useful idiots used to advance color revolution?
• Chinese police stations and Chinese election interference: Fact or Fiction?
• Is it true that Christian culture and Chinese culture are incompatible as asserted by Samuel Huntington and Steve Bannon OR are common moral principles found in both systems?

All of these questions and more will be addressed in the following show.

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