After having been told for months by dozens of contacts and family members to watch a new film online called Thrive (1), I finally decided to submit to curiosity this weekend. For anyone who hasn’t yet watched the film, it can be viewed online[1] as can other popular movies spreading virally which profess to offer truth seekers easy insights into truth of the oligarchy’s conspiracy to control humanity and provides a spiritual remedy to help the audience deal with the emotionally crippling shock induced by a barrage of indisputable ugly facts pertaining to de-population, 9-11, the Banker’s conspiracy, debt slavery etc…

In the course of the unfolding report, I think I owe to the reader a revelation of where I am coming from, so that the cause of my thoughts may be clearly ascertained by the reader. I am speaking not as a passive bystander to a world conspiracy watching sheep being herded into a slaughter house, but rather as an active full time political organizer in a Canadian organization known as the Committee for the Republic of Canada, affiliated with the international network of organizations representing the program and epistemology of Lyndon H LaRouche Jr. I am fully engaged with my international associates at fighting for top down policy measures which are necessary to cut the financial parasite from society, avoid world war, and peace through large scale programs of JFK-era proportions in order to set the foundations for a new renaissance (2).

I am going to lay out my concerns in as transparent way as possible, and it only partially has to do with the facts presented in Thrive. The majority of the facts presented are correct in and of themselves, and their only problem is that they are mostly un-truthful. This formulation of words should produce a dissonance in the mind. An ontological paradox! This is an experience which is not to be found even once in Thrive, or any of the associated popular videos such as Zeitgeist, or Esoteric Agenda.


(1) Thrive: The Official Movie

(2) An introduction to the program can be viewed

Some preliminary thoughts on Facts versus Truth

Since the nature of this film is designed to produce a paradigm shift in the viewer, and touches on the most important notions of being, purposefulness, and reason, I think it would be unwise for me to simply jump directly into the swamp and start wrestling alligators without first laying out a few thoughts on mind and method which should set the foundation for everything to come after.

To begin with, let me just state outright that “facts” are not good or bad or true/false in themselves, but take on their value from the context in which they are used. What does determine their goodness or badness is the power that the composition in which they are unveiled, gives me to act more efficiently in the universe of which I am an integral part to the effect of improving the potential of 1) myself (the finite) 2) humanity as a whole (the potentially infinite) and 3) the universe as a whole (the absolutely infinite). The well-being of society past and future is the medium through which I access my relationship to the creative reason that organizes the universe as a whole. The notion of objective value, power and purposefulness sit atop these three parameters. A lot can be said about this, but let’s leave it there for now. The resolving of the paradox of the one, many and infinite can only occur when thoughts relating to the general welfare are presented in my mind.

These three aspects can only improve simultaneously (for none can truly increase or decrease without the other two) if my mind is being engaged to grapple with the paradox that brought the necessity for solution-concepts into being. This solution to paradoxes can be thought of as a concordance to a dissonance that seeks harmony, or an asymmetry that seeks symmetry, or a cliff-hanger that seeks a resolution. You can come up with your own metaphors for a long time. A lot can be said about solving this sort of paradox, but for the time being, let’s just say that the solution is an effect of a cause, or the shadow of a substance. What is the substance that causes it to come into being? Kids who pass tests might memorize all the right facts from the back of the textbook or the summary of Shakespeare from a copy of Cliff’s notes, but why don’t these kids have any true knowledge? What did their mind NOT do when getting the solutions?

After a solution comes into being within the mind, the trouble of its communication arises. From the ancient Greeks it has been known that a solution concept can be treated as a shell that is passed around and used. It can be described (via a dictionary entry, or a mathematical formula, or series of musical notes on paper), wrapped in pictorial symbols and even be used and masquerade as knowledge. Without a living sense of the cause, it must be emphasized; a solution is NOT knowledge, but merely opinion wearing the mask of knowledge… a lowly “fact” if you will. This brings me back to my original formulation that facts may be correct, but still lack the status of truth… or the Good. Two concepts that are not separate.

Enough on Substance, let’s move onto Thrive.

The first clue that I had indicating that a fallacious composition was unfolding the facts of the story was the leap of flower_of_lifeassumption expected of me in the author’s linking the “flower of life” to the complex Archimedian solid (the cube-octahedra) and tetrahedrons made by Naseem Haramin. That this 3D construction can indeed create a projection of a 2D flower of life is factually correct, but not as necessary as Haramin would have me believe in order to construct the flower of life model, or the Cube-octahedron that it reflects. If someone were victimized by today’s awful education system and robbed of the opportunity to discover in their own minds, the basic constructions of the elementary 2D archetypal shapes (triangle, square, pentagon, hexagon and octogon) within a circle, or discover the five Platonic solids that would be constructed with them within a sphere, or the 13 Archemedian solids, or their frequencies when found on a string, or those frequencies’ arrangements in Astronomy (3) or the atom (4), then the description by Naseem Haramin of the construction would necessarily have to be believed. The question I would ask is, can you think of a way that this pattern can be constructed using a compass which is infinitely simpler and necessarily discoverable by the creative reason of anyone from any culture from any part of the world that had evolved far enough to produce architecture, and astronomy? If you can’t think of an answer right away, then pick up a compass and try it for yourself! How about the other shapes? Can you create them using purely circular action?

The question entering my mind immediately was: Why would an un-necessarily complex construction for a simple pattern be introduced as “solution-fact” at this early stage of the video? Of course, the mental infrastructure had been created to prepare the way for the heavy duty bombshell that the mind would not have accepted otherwise.

platonic and archimedean solids



(3) For Kepler’s geometric discovery of universal gravitation and the fraud of Sir Isaac Newton, see:  The Harvard Yard:

(4) For a presentation on the geometric structure of a fusion reaction, see: Robert Moon’sGeometric Modelof the


Rockefeller tool Stephen Greer

Without going into nitpicking detail of all of the fallacies the authors of Thrive use to construct this solution-fact which resolves the artificial paradox that Haramin and Gamble had created for the viewer (that is: “how could ancient civilizations materially unconnected have had access to advanced scientific concepts?”), I will instead point out that the Disclosure Project used by Thrive as the seminal authority on the subject is not only the umbrella of hundreds of sub-organizations which deal with the phenomena in various ways around the world, but is also a creation of the very oligarchy the film seeks to expose. If you have specific questions on aspects of the UFOs introduced in the film, let me know, and I can give you my thoughts on specifics, but I’ll keep it a bit general and “top down” for now. The Disclosure Project and Mr Greer are directly sponsored by Laurence Rockefeller (5).

UFO cult controller Laurence Rockefeller
UFO cult controller Laurence Rockefeller

The paradox that should spark the question in your subjective mind to this objective information is: What motive would a documentary affiliated with an organization run by the Rockefellers have in putting the spotlight on the Rockefeller family’s dubious role in this conspiracy? As the oligarchy knows (including relatively new junior partner oligarchs like the Rockefellers), having the “right answers to the test” does not challenge their power, but rather has the effect of enhancing it, as the “right answers” presented in an un-natural way often drain the energy and love of truth from their victims. In fact, the very first sordid expose of the Rothschild dynasty was printed in the early 20th century and sponsored by none other than… the Rothschilds!

The effect of satisfying the voyeuristic fears of your inquisitive slaves by giving them an account of the torture chambers in the masters’ dungeon has the additional effect of creating a false sense of elitism of having tasted “special esoteric knowledge known only to the inner elites” (6). This “esoteric knowledge” alienates people from developing their true powers of creative reason and accessing their historical identities. Self controlling sub-cults tend to result who cannot teach others through reason, since what they believe is not actual knowledge, but can only associate with those who already believe the same things or have received similar gospel via access to the same digital churches. Truth seeking non-conformists disgusted with the degeneracy of a dying slave society are then trapped into self-controlling nodes and become more or less politically castrated from that point on.

(5) A brief video expose on the Rockefeller connection to the Disclosure Project can be viewed right here: (Ignore the last couple of minutes. I think it was made by David Icke followers who have their own problems…)

(6) For more on the psychology of empire see; The Secrets Known only to the Inner Elites, by Lyndon LaRouche 1978:

Squaring the Crop Circles.

crop-circleCrop circles began appearing in the late 1970s.It has been observed that they started off simple and somewhat un-interesting and only got more and more complex with time (7). If transcendental alien races have co-existed with us for millennia as is inferred in Thrive, then why would their skill to create crop circles have improved so dramatically over recent years? So what does cause this phenomena? My hypothesis is that it may be some man made Electromagnetic technology… or perhaps natural electromagnetic phenomena related to the solar system. The fact that the article below points out that the vast majority occur in Great Britain and Canada, impels me to gravitate to the former.


(7) A Brief History of Crop Circles

The Second Coming of David Icke?

david icke
David Icke

David Icke thinks he’s the messiah (8). Just like various MI6-Tavistock psyche job cult leaders from Jim Jones, to Rev. Moon to Barack Obama, Icke realized that the voices in his head were telling him that he was the messiah. His job? After quitting his job at the BBC (a hub of British Propaganda) and then quitting his other job as the leader of Britain’s Green Party, Icke became devoted to the cause of exposing the facts of the London centered oligarchy’s ancient conspiracy to control humanity. Not terrible so far… but wait! The cause and motivation of the ancient conspiracy is to be found, according to Mr. Icke, within the framework of shape shifting reptilians from the 11th dimension that seek to feed on our fear energy. All that must be done for someone to become free, according to Mr Icke, is to know the truth. At this point, one need only begin to oozing good vibrations for the lizard people to loose their power. Icke is affiliated with the London centered Camelot Project which is a hodgepodge of similar MI6 steered gurus of the NWO, each possessing their own original spin on causality.



(8) Video of Icke admitting that he’s the messiah:


While Nikolai Tesla’s work has admittedly useful applications and I’m sure is one among a variety of technologies that has been suppressed during this past century, I have seen no evidence to indicate that this is anything but low-flux density of energy (meaning the throughput of a cross section of energy flow is of a very low order). I know many claims are made that tapping into the ionosphere to power the world is a miracle energy source, not a single piece of non-anecdotal evidence has been provided to back that claim. Low order energy flux sources have the capacity to power household electricity in a post-industrial service-type society, but the second you need intensive heat densities to de-salinate water, power heavy industry, build infrastructure, asteroid defense or anything else which is capital intensive, then forget it. It doesn’t cut the cheese.

Bussard Cold Fusion geometry
Truncated cube cold fusion design by Dr Robert Brussard
cube octahedron
cubeoctahedral-torus design promoted by Thrive

In writing these words, I do not mean to imply that the torus and archimedean solid structures that the video proclaims are key to new energy sources are to be dismissed at all! They are in fact, very important structures that have been demonstrated to be integral in achieving Fusion / Cold Fusion reactions. France’s ITER Fusion reactor which has succeeded in sustaining several seconds of fusion using a toroidal structure is one, and the cube-octahedral structure used by Dr Robert Bussard to sustain a cold fusion reaction in the 1990s is another (9). The fact is that even though many of the components of nuclear energy has been

France's ITER uses a Torus design to produce fusion
France’s ITER uses a Torus design to produce fusion

monopolized in recent years, this has not, as Thrive asserts, been done to keep mankind addicted to atomic power in the same way that the attempt has been made to society addicted to fossil fuels. In fact, the monopolization process has made it easier to ensure that no nuclear systems are constructed anywhere in the world… especially new advances in thorium fission and fusion processes, and especially NOT in the developing sector. As evidence of this reality, just observe that merely two new reactors have been built in north America since the mid 1980s, while all of Europe is currently de-nuclearizing on orders from London with France scheduled to go from 75-50% in short order, and Germany committed to exiting nuclear by 2020. Similarly, most of the third world has only been allowed to receive IMF loans on the “conditionalities” that they either shut down existing nuclear reactors or halt the construction of new reactors. The fact that the only nations of the world re-activating their nuclear programs are those of the non-aligned movement and the Shanghai Cooperation Organization which are resisting the New World Order should not be missed, though Thrive’s authors mysteriously do so. I wonder why?

The oligarchy has in fact, been trying to stop humanity’s harnessing of the atom during the entire century for the simple fact that nuclear provides for the cheapest and most effective highest dense power and demands an ever increasing proportion of intelligent people. The breakthrough to the next platform of a nuclear Fusion powered society requires that our society exercise its knowledge on Fission in order to build the proper momentum to make the leap into the new platform. This means that the suppressed thorium cycle must finally be developed in short order. The atom gives humanity an increase of power to change ourselves, and nature, and the universe while compelling our collective minds to the frontiers of human knowledge in the quickest path available. The decision by any society to allow for low density energy sources demands the irrational assumption of a fixed state of equilibrium where an absolute negation of potential to change exists the universe. The effect of acting on this assumption reduces our power of change on each level of individual, humanity and the universe. In opposition to this notion, all available evidence shows us that the universe is not fixed or chaotic, but is rather constantly moving forward to ever higher states of potential and change. It is vital to add, that this process is either occurring with the help of, or in spite of, humanity. Any society which tries to hold onto a fixed equilibrium state in the context of a universe qualified by constant change never does well. Ask the people or the oligarchy of Babylon. This principle also applies to the evolution of species, and is the only method which accurately gives an account for the species which thrive after mass extinctions and which die off (10).


(9) Should Google go Nuclear? presentation by Dr Robert Busson, (former Director of the Atomic Energy Commission)

(10)For more on the anti-Darwinian approach to Universal anti entropy see:To Be or Not to Be: A Galactic Question:

The Green Revolution

While Thrive did point out the ugly fact that the oligarchy seeks to reduce the world population, the assessment of the oligarchy’s prime motive and choice of means to achieve such satanic ends was incompetent at best and fraudulent at worst. As the assessment of the cause is incompetent, so too is its proposed remedies.

For one, while British eugenics is indeed a root ideology of the oligarchy, and this fact does provide humanity the clearest clue to the oligarchy’s innermost intentions. Thrive fails to mention even once that the founders of the environmentalist, and nature conservationist movements of the post-War world were those former advocates of eugenics and fascism that most ardently financed Hitler. Julian Huxley, Prince Bernhard and Prince Philip of the WWF and Max Nicholson of the Nature Conservancy as well as the nest of oligarchs who ran the Club of Rome which popularized the false science of Global Warming are key (11). The root intention of the oligarchy’s creation of environmentalism was to have the threefold purpose of 1) making the “unthinkable once again become thinkable” in regards to popular acceptance of eugenics and population reduction under a world government, 2) replacing “Abrahamic-monotheist” religious outlooks that encouraged the belief in universal principles and transcendental morality with a pantheistic cult religion modeled on the hedonistic nature worshiping cults of Babylon and 3) re-orient a baby boomer generation from a JFK – Martin Luther King outlook that inspired faith in human goodness and unbounded scientific and technological progress into a hate for those things upon which humanity’s survival so depends.

By simplistically labeling the Green Revolution as an evil (with no better proof but the principle of being “guilty by association”), Thrive actually promotes depopulation while professing the opposite. The reason why the human population in Asia and South America didn’t collapse in the 1980s as forecasted by the linear modelling of such Club of Rome reports as Limits to Growth, was due largely to the courageous fight by many leading anti-Malthusian leaders such as Indira Ghandi, Lopez Portillo and Lyndon LaRouche. These leaders, joined by such humanist scientists as Norman Borlaugh fought for the Green Revolution against the desires of the banking cartels (12). That the battle to apply technologies and provide mass scientific education to increase the food supply was won NOT, as the documentary ignorantly states, due to the increased quantity of land use and dangerous GMOs or for Rockefeller profit, cannot be over-emphasized. The Green Revolution occurred rather as an effect of the qualitative upshifts and the wise use of scientific and industrial agriculture within a non-monetarist framework of planning that provided one of the greatest challenges to the Malthusian agenda. Thanks to this revolution, literally billions of lives were saved, food sovereignty dramatically increased in nations that had been made food deprived by the British Empire’s evil agenda. Today, Globalization has ensured that the Green Revolution has been subverted and nearly destroyed to the point that most of the poorest nations that won their food sovereignty during the 1980s have again lost it to the World Trade Organization’s dictatorial programs, Monsanto cash cropping and the British Empire which runs them both (13).

For these reasons, where one green revolution should have been exposed and attacked for its evil effects, it was praised, while that green revolution that should have been praised for its goodness was attacked.


(11) The New Environmentalist Eugenics

(12) World Food Shortage: A British Policy Success by M. Baker

(13) See my interviews starting on pg 58 ofSummer 2011 21st Century Science and Technology

The Austrian School

This is not what Mr Gamble proclaims it is, nor is his “core principle of non-violation” something good. Von Mises and the Austrian school (which is the systemic foundation upon which Gamble bases his solutions) actually arose from the ideologies of the aristocratic Hapsburg empire which re-mixed Adam Smith’s doctrine of “Laissez faire” economics into a hedonistic apology for corruption). As outlined in Adam Smith’s first biography, his 1776 “The Wealth of Nations” was commissioned by Jeremy Bentham of the British Foreign Office and was under the payroll of the British East India Company in subversion of the American Revolution occurring that very year. The Austrian school argues that all personal values are equal, regardless if one person values a hospital system while another values heroin. Values are all equally valuable insofar as they are values (aka: desires). The relative goodness or wickedness associated with a desire is of no consequence. In fact the notion of the general welfare as a whole is intrinsically antagonistic to the individual anyway and (von Mises proclaims) is the root of fascism, war and imperialism. His co-thinker Friedrick von Hayek argues in his “Road to Serfdom” that all national long term planning for anything in the common good is the first step to fascism. Under this rationale, JFK and FDR were on the path to setting up death camps and secret police. The only “solution” for the unbounded chaos of a society pursuing its individual desires without a connection to the general welfare, (as the Hapsburg and British sponsors of von Mises knows), is world government. This fact is what also makes the “NWO-hating” U.S. Representative Ron Paul such a tragic character.

This film is thus an attack on the Preamble of the U.S. Constitution and the very essence of the nation state system. Two brief exposes on the Hapsburg roots of the Austrian school and von Mises can be viewed here (14) (15):


(14) Friedrick von Hayek: Fascism didn’t die with Hitler

(15) Rand Paul’s Austrian School: The Hapsburg War against America

The Bankers’ Conspiracy

Thrive avoids the reality that the only one world government existent on the planet in recent history has been the British Empire (16). This empire is itself a direct continuity of the oligarchy of Rome and it is this empire that today, as always, that operates via its control of its monetary system on the one side and materialist cultural-educational programs on the other. The cultural-educational programs enforced by empire are designed to trap victims into a dualist vicious cycle of mysticism and materialism, which are not actually as opposed as many believe, but are rather complementary illnesses. The notion of mankind underlying the monetary system of empire is based on the absolute rejection that there exists any qualitative difference between mankind and lower beasts.

It doesn’t matter which families are brought into the system as enforcers of it, be it Rockefeller, Rothschild or Morgans, and it doesn’t matter which mechanisms are instituted (be it the Federal Reserve or IMF or World Bank). What IS important is that those families and mechanisms are disposable and may or may not be forced by natural law to serve a higher moral interest, evidenced by the successful fight waged by FDR and JFK to force the Federal Reserve and money system to build visionary programs such as the New Deal and Apollo. It is the continuity of the system of oligarchism that is always primary, not the disposable parts that make up this parasitical slime mold. Thrive’s use of the metaphor of a tapeworm in describing the oligarchy is one of the few points that I support in the film.

Today, the only empire in the world is the British Empire, and the Queen is the matriarch of that empire. There is a shadow system of control behind her as well of course, but those families discussed in the film, are merely disposable cardboard cut-outs.


(16) 1932: Speak not of Parties but Universal Principles

Bottom up vs. Top Down

The Austrian school principle of non-violation is based upon the British Empiricist school of Bentham and Hume that defined freedom as “doing whatever you want as long as it doesn’t infringe directly upon the freedom of someone else”. If it is an indirect violation like the wall street CEO or drug pusher, then just don’t get caught. This ideology defines the whole as a sum of parts. Any qualitative behavior of the whole can only be discussed as a mystical effect of the sum of individual hedonistic desires… or as the forerunner of Adam Smith and von Mises (Bernard Mandeville) wrote in his Fable of the Bees. Private vices amount to public virtues. In the empiricist world, all thoughts are bound to the senses.

This is false as no whole can be known from its parts. As the cells of the dead cat would discover, there is something fundamentally absent from the whole after the cat died. If your mind were tied to your five senses, your only access to spirituality would have to be through your feelings which themselves would have to be disassociated from your sensory-based deductive-inductive logic. Trans-sensory concepts (aka: qualities and laws) could exist only as axioms and postulates to be believed but not known… ever. These axioms or laws would be “facts” to be memorized, and applied for their usefulness or their subjective pleasure but nothing intrinsic could be said about them. Their consequent effects on a greater whole for better or for worse could not be considered, as they pre-suppose isolated closed systems that could exist without the principle of general welfare animated the social body such individuals were a part of.

Any attempt to re-unite the mind-emotions in someone victimized by such an empiricist slant in their cultural conditioning, and who never had the opportunity to work through ontological paradoxes and make subjective discoveries of objective reality an object of self conscious investigation, then the attempt at re-unification would be un-organic and no increase of the potential in power of the individual, humanity or the universe would result. Said otherwise, entropic effects would result in a universe characterized everywhere and always by anti-entropy.

Waiting for a massive quantity of people to reach some chaos theory “tipping point” before political action is taken is actually the exact opposite of how any qualitative upshift has ever occurred in human history. The waves of history are always made by those who train themselves to think and act TOP DOWN on systems using principles embedded in the framework of nations and cultures to achieve progress. The effects of true progress always result in a society capable of recognizing the greater potential of themselves, their society and the universe which produced all three that leads to reflection on the seeming paradox of the One, the Many and the Infinite. The quality of identity associated with minds that have worked through these paradoxes is more powerful than anything an oligarchical system could ever control, and represents a future society in which even those born into oligarchical families will be provided the means to discover true human freedom and participate self consciously in the unfolding creation of the universe.