Any good physician approaching the treatment of a sick patient begins not with the symptoms, but treating those symptoms as the effect of some unseen cause, which must be discovered and then treated at the root. In today’s global crisis, as with a sick patient, before we can set out to treat the problem, we must get to the root of what’s causing the body to die.

Since the meltdown of the global financial system began in 2007, all treatments of the world economic crisis have been dave 01 derivativesdirected to the symptoms; from attempting to bail out the bankrupt private banks through Quantitative Easing in order to “stimulate” job creation, to budget cuts, lowering interest rates or raising interest rates – but nothing has worked. The effort has been tantamount to treating a cancer patient with ag-gressive blood-letting. The difference being, that in the case of the world economy, the fate of billions of peo-ple is on the line. Therefore the problem cannot be under-stood in terms of the GDP or the environment, over-consumption, overspending, or simply “greed”. Underlying all of this is an Imperial problem, which has been driving the situation as if from above, and intended from the beginning.
Control by “Crisis Management”

It is only under a time of crisis, that otherwise unacceptable wars, police state measures and the most brutal dictatorial programs of austerity can be forced down people’s throats, sacrificing democracy and truth in the name of an emergency. This was true when Hitler organized the burning down of the Reichstag in 1933 and it is just as true today. Under these “emergency” conditions, governments are nothing but impotent rubber stamping machines who are said to have no real rights because of the nature of the crisis. This is what has now come into play world-wide.

Examples of this crisis management have been recently seen by Obama’s claim to the right to launch unilateral imperial wars without the authorization of Congress, as seen in Libya and as is still being attempted in Syria. It has also been witnessed under the illegal bail-in policy in Cyprus where banks directly froze and subsequently seized 60% of depositors’ accounts all in the name of “crisis management”. The private merchant banks operating today on Wall Street and the City of London represent the interests of an old ruling financial oligarchy who intend to wipe out the idea of national sovereignty and replace that with a world government model as the Euro system. It is asserted that sovereign nation state have no rights that are not subject to global governance and surveillance under the NATO, IMF, World Bank, NSA, and World Trade Organization. As a result, all the measures proposed for “saving” the economy have nothing to do with saving the real economy people depend on, but have all been geared towards bailing out the unproductive, speculative casino banking system which is bankrupt. To achieve this, crushing austerity is held up as the only solution.

dave 02 euro collapse

We’re told that if these banks are not saved via bail-outs, bail-ins and austerity then everything will collapse because everything is tied to them, and there-fore the general welfare needs to be sacrificed… for the sake of the general welfare!

The warnings of Congressman Brad Sherman in 2008 should ring ominously clear for any thinking citizen when he revealed that all members of congress were threatened with Marshall Law the next day should the bailout system not be started with the $750 billion TARP bailout.

Thus the true problem that none of the political parties in Canada, or frankly most governments in the world, are ad-dressing, either out of fear, or ignorance, is the fact that the financial crisis is not the result of a mistake in policy making. It has not occurred out of irresponsibility or lack of oversight. Rather irresponsibility, the lack of oversight are all the effects of an oligarchical system who’s manic reaction to the collapse of their bankrupt system (of which Canada is a key part) is leading the world into global chaos, war, and economic collapse, with the potential for a breakout in the immediate weeks ahead.

These are things which could be explained for some by the failure of some mechanism or of human judgment, but in reality are the conscious intention of the people who control the system. Had these things merely been the result of incompetence, beg the question “how come foolish mistakes as these were not made in the past, under great crises?

Today’s idiotic policies have nothing to do with the way Europe was rebuilt after WWII with the Marshall Plan; it has nothing to do with the way Franklin Roosevelt had dealt with the Great Depression in the 1930s to rebuild the economy. What had been done in the 30s and 40s and what is being done today is in fact the complete opposite. In 1932 was opened up the Pecora Commission investigation into Wall Street, which exposed, with the help of newly elected President Franklin Roosevelt, their crimes, crimes among which was speculating with the popula-tion’s savings and pensions. Later, an-other crime exposed was the bankrolling of Hitler, when he had no financial means of continuing his campaign, through the Union Banking Corporation and George W. Bush Jr’s grand-father, Prescott Bush. This gives an idea of what the Wall Street Cabal is ready to do to remain in charge.

None of the efforts proposed by the nations of the world ad-dress this issue that it is in fact intentional, that this is an empire, which then as today controls international finance and uses its control and influence to destroy nations and its people, to make them stupid. Thus none of their proposals will save people if you don’t start bringing up this question.
It’s above all only a desperate attempt to save a bankrupt empire at the cost of the wellbeing of billions. The history of the Roman Empire, Venetian and British Empire, should make clear that the oligarchy does not care how many people have to die for the continuation of their system. As an empire none of these private merchant banking institutions which control the credit of all nations are answerable to nations right now, yet they control all investment banking, insurance, and commercial banking under the same roof. As long as nations do not shut down this Wall Street/City of London banking empire, everyone is hostage to the collapsing edifice that we are attached to. As with a cancer, as long as we choose to continue feeding it, as long as it is not cut, no matter how strict the diet, how austere the budget, the patient will die.

The Solutions

Therefore, what the leaders of governments and their constituents must do is:

1-Separate the commercial banking system from the Hundreds of Trillions of dollars of worthless toxic gambling debts which nations are being forced to pay. This will guarantee the protection of the respective populations of respective nations, of their savings, pensions, mortgages, and loans to businesses in order to keep the real economy run-ning as the speculative economy is shut down and prevented from looting the populations’ accounts. The precedent is Franklin Roosevelt’s 1933 Glass-Steagall Act, which had been adopted in Canada as the Four Pillars of banking.

2-Establish a national system of public credit where instruments like the Bank of Canada and newly established National banks in other countries across the world can issue new sovereign credit in the name of the government, to re-capitalize existing commercial banks and also finance the development of industries, public works, infrastructure and scientific progress.

3-Set out a series of projects, and a mission orientation to guide the next 25 – 50 years. Projects such as the North American Water and Power Alliance for North America, the World Land Bridge, the Oasis Plan for the Middle East, the Economic Miracle for the Mediterranean and the New Silk Road for Asia are ready to be implemented and collaborated on.

The War Drive

The most recent case which reveals where this is all leading can be observed right now in Ukraine. Presently the Cana-dian foreign ministry, the United States and European Union have been literally supporting Neo-Nazis groups, who had saturated the demonstrations with violent attacks on security forces and violently took over government buildings. In the months leading up to the coup-d’etat in Ukraine, Nazi Svoboda Party leader, Oleh Tyahnybok, had met with, and been given support by many leading representatives of the pro-war agencies of the west such as Senator John McCain, former State Department Spokesperson Victoria Nuland, and Canada’s John Baird [Figure 3].

B03- ABM Ukrain box

The western support for this violent and illegal coup has resulted in a new government fully dominated by a neo-Nazi cabal dominated four of the cabinet posts and technocratic rule under the Troika’s poster boy Arsenyi Yatsenyuk.
However, the support of radical and openly violent opposition groups in the Ukraine should not come as a surprise, considering the same frantic support was given to the Saudi Royal Family sponsored Al Qaeda affiliates and other groups who are the main ones doing the fighting on the ground in Libya and Syria, as well as the similar Qatari Royal Family sponsored Muslim Brother-hood terrorist operations in Egypt.

This comes all at a time where the development of Russia, China and India threaten the Empire’s supremacy. Therefore it is not a coincidence that the mass riots which broke-out in Ukraine came only moments after Ukraine had decided to join Eurasian development under the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), and (Russia-Belarus-Khazakstan) Eurasian Customs Union instead of European financial dictatorship. The SCO and Russian-led customs union are aggressively committed both to war avoidance, and large scale scientific and technological progress vectored around rail development, water infrastructure, nuclear power, fusion, and space research. The Euro-zone and North American economies are committed only to austerity, money printing and free trade. Thus while the western nations under the Trans-Atlantic financial system have shown no intention to move towards development programs, the Eurasian world has rejected that bailing out dead speculators in favor of real progress. All of history hinges on this strategic question.
The irony is that while western governments and media sup-ported a violent Nazi coup against a democratically elected government in Ukraine, no word has been mentioned of any of the anti-Euro, anti-austerity protests in Italy, Portugal, Spain or Greece where European Union police were brutally deployed to join the Greek police in crushing the Greek population’s legitimate protests against murderous austerity demanded tyrannically by the Troika’s unelected technocrats. The double standards are so blatantly obvious for any-one with half a brain and a spark of morality.

dave 04- productive vs services statOnly when this financial empire, steered by London and Wall Street, is identified, can we begin to truly comprehend the reasons for the take down of the industrial and manufacturing power of Europe and the Americas as being a matter of INTENTION and not of mere greed or incompetence [see figure 4]. The transformation of our once-productive economies into “financial services” colonies of an international monetary system, the repeated meaningless wars since Viet Nam, and all the wicked excesses of a consumer society – have all been aimed at securing global supremacy of this financial oligarchy and stopping the development of sovereign nations.

Therefore it is mandatory to revive the anti-imperial dynamic of the past, represented by such figures as John F. Kennedy, his brother Robert, Charles de Gaulle, Martin Luther King, and great politicians in Canada such as C.D. Howe and Daniel Johnson Sr.

The reality is that under this system of bailouts, austerity and war, civilization as it has been known since the great 15th century Renaissance, can only collapse in the shadows of a new dark age. The ruling financial oligarchy will never al-low mankind to free itself, if mankind does not decide to address this problem at its root. There-fore the emergency measures outlined by Lyndon LaRouche beginning with the Bering Strait tunnel and Eurasian landbridge, must be implemented by those who wish finally uproot this problem and save the world. True patriots must organize their institutions, and their governments, to weigh in and throw their support behind the effort to eradicate Imperialism.

dave 05- bering strait

End Notes

[1] Testifying in Congress in October 2008, Congressman Sherman said: “The only way they can pass this bill is by creating and sustaining a panic atmosphere. That atmosphere is not justified….”Many of us were told in private conversations that if we voted against this bill on Monday that the sky would fall, the market would drop two or three thousand points the first day, another couple of thousand the second day, and a few members were even told that there would be martial law in America if we voted no.” The congressman’s full remarks can be seen in full here:

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