Recently, it was revealed that 4.1% of all deaths in Canada (in 2022) were due to Medical Assisted Suicide services, referred to as MAID (medical assistance in dying).

Based on the religious-like committment to scarcity, limits to growth, and population reduction defining the world since the takeover of a Malthusian technocratic class in the early 1970s… this statistic was entirely predictable.

And considering the clamor among leading policy circles to extend MAID services to drug addicts, “mature minors” (whatever that means) and unwanted babies AFTER birth, the smell of Nazism is pretty hard to ignore.

As such I thought it were worth revisiting a presentation on this topic delivered on Rogue News nearly two years ago. It’s sadly more relevant now than it was then. Click below to watch the full program on Rumble:

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This presentation is an elaboration of an essay which can be read here.

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