On this week’s episode of Breaking History, I followed up on the content from yesterday’s broadcast with Keyvan Davani by evaluating the past and present imperial manipulators shaping the Middle East, the rise of Jabotinski, Theodor Herzl and the dangerous followers of British Mandate Palestine’s chief Rabbi Kook today who have been obsessed with rebuilding Solomon’s Temple in order to fulfill prophecy.

A deep dive into the dynamics of Khazaria and the Christian-Muslim-Jewish-Chinese alliance of the 8-9th century is explored, how the Venetian-directed Crusades subverted that positive dynamic and how the British Empire arose to orchestrate the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire, create the Muslim Brotherhood, establish Saudi Arabia and Israel while creating a formula for chaos to destabilize Eurasia for over a century.

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Supplementary reading for the curious:

1) The Forgotten Jewish-Christian-Muslim Alliance and China’s Silk Road

2) The Shocking Truth about the Khazarian Mafia myth, the Rothschilds and Manifest Destiny

3) Who Really Created the Middle East Terror Apparatus? By Cynthia Chung

4)Charlemagne and the Ecumenical Principle (online book) by Pierre Beaudry

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