In this week’s episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News, V and I break down the dynamics behind the crashing of relations between Canada and India in the wake of last week’s G20 Summit with a special focus on the role of British Canada in providing safe haven for international separatists and terrorists since the earliest days of the Cold War.

An overview of geopolitical hotspots from the conflict in Armenia-Azerbaijan, to Africa, Syria and the breakdown of coherence on the Ukraine front among NATO members is also developed.

What is going on with Bashar al-Assad’s visit to Beijing?

What are the hopes for rekindling the great infrastructure projects like the Five Seas Vision, Red Sea Bridge of the Horn, Qadaffi’s Great Manmade Lake and Pan Arabian high speed rail network which were all undone over a decade ago?

What about Israel’s role within all this?

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One thought

  1. I think that Iain Davis and James Corbett are natural allies in the fight, despite contrary commentaries and perspectives of the Multipolar World Order (disorder?) that is quite clearly eclipsing the Unipolar or Anglospherical one that’s ruled this terrestrial roost for so long. I don’t presume to critique China based on the fact that I’ve never been there, so I can’t give an honest opinion about the present incarnation of an ancient civilization, except that they’ve gone through some “modernizing” changes, as did the European peninsula, which “modernized” itself all the way into Fascism during the 20th century and, based on the evidence from the Canadian Parliament recently, well beyond. Davis and Corbett are simply being skeptics, and quite possibly ethnographically so. Their critiques, so far as I can tell, hinge upon the universal-seeming Covid Regime policy and CBDCs. In any case, I don’t think either is a “cut-out” for the Man, just doing their own research, reaching their own conclusions. That being said, the latest BRICS additions are pretty significant, and show where things are going. The West, it could be said, has a serious case of Manifest Entropy…

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