In this episode of the Chris Smith Show on TNT Radio, I was invited to address the following questions:

1- What is going on with the World Health Organization’s agenda to create a global pandemic treaty? What is the real story behind this attack on natural sovereignty and why is the WHO and they’re now dictating to schools what form of sex education should now be taught to primary school kids?

2- China has accused the United States of developing race-specific bioweapons to target citizens on May 10, meanwhile only a day earlier, U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken stated that China is collecting human genomic data against ethnic minorities in Xinjiang and Tibet as an additional form of control and surveillance. Is it possible that Blinken is deploying some heavy Freudian projection?

3- Why has Liz Truss called for her PM to class China as a threat to UK Security and lead in the formation of an ‘economic Nato’ created to challenge China.

4- Kyiv says it shot down Russian hypersonic missiles, Russia says it has destroyed their anti-missile system. Who is lying?

5- Lastly, why has Elon Musk has found a Left leaning globalist like Linda Yaccarino, to run Twitter?

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