As many people know, Cynthia and I have teamed up with a talented film maker named Jason Dahl and over the past year we have launched a new multimedia program to create high quality documentaries tackling topics of history, geopolitics and conspiracy science. These videos have ranged from 3 minutes to 30 minutes.

They can all be viewed here.

Currently, we are beginning a new cycle of video projects and need your help to make it happen. In order to bring everyone in on this planning and vision, I have outlined executive summaries of the films below.

Project #1: Mini videos Debunking Anti-China Psyop [4-6 min each]

Videos in this short series will be about 5 min each and punchy with the following themes

1) Debunking accusations of Chinese police stations

2) Debunking China/Russia election interference (conservatives are labelled Russian stooges and liberals are labelled China stooges while the real manipulators laugh)

3) Debunking “China imperial takeover of Canada” hoax 

4) Showcase the reality of biowarfare today with a focus on Russia and China’s fears of a weaponized pathogen outlined by PNAC in sept 2000. China’s official warning on May 10, 2023 outlining fears of such a targetted attack and my 2021 essay ‘Beijing, the Five Eyes or Something Else? What is Behind the Covid Pandemic?’ would shape this video.

5) how the true infiltrator of Canada and USA is British, not Russian or Chinese with a focus on FBI/ CSIS origins, creation of domestic terrorism and manipulation of citizens for the past several generations. The True Story of the Gouzenko Hoax and How the FBI created Domestic terrorism would be used for this film

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Project #2: There are NO Limits to Growth [45-60 minute film]

This film project will tackle the question ‘why are there are no absolute limits to growth’. The goal shall be to inspire youth and older folks alike with the beautiful fact that the ‘overpopulation’ story is a hoax. This film will showcase many suppressed technologies that can solve problems of pollution and overpopulation while creating abundance. Much of this content was featured in Cynthia’s long essay ‘What Determines a Limit to Growth’

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Project #3: A longer eight part history series

This series of 7-8 films will feature a historic outline of the sabotage of FDR’s plans for a US-Russia-China led post WW2 world of win win cooperation and the takeover of the USA over the dead bodies of JFK, MLK and RFK. The style will be inspired by Oliver Stone’s Untold History of the United States series.

Each video in this eight part series will be 20-30 minutes starting with the beautiful world of win-win cooperation envisioned by FDR/Wallace and their international allies, and then launching into how this was lost. 

Objective 1: Help audience understand current process as a historical event shaped by dynamics that were set into motion 80 years ago, and which are currently being shaped (like in 1944-45) around a clash of two opposing systems: Open vs Closed where one is premised on the sacredness of human life and overcoming limits to growth via technological progress, the other is based upon the mechanisation of humanity under a divided and controlled world order.

Objective 2: Showcase 1) what China is/is not to help free people of western intel brainwashing and 2) what we in the west used to be when we still had moral sanity in tact.

Each episode will start with a message to the audience showcasing the insanity of the world today and the danger of losing our civilization to nuclear war (montage of war mongering MSM and political hack stuff) with the narrator speaking to the audience about the need to take the crisis as an opportunity to re-awaken the positive traditions that have been erased from our collective memory.

Episode one: Tragedy and Hope- The Sabotage of a Dream

This episode will showcase FDR and Henry Wallace’s beautiful vision for a post-imperial world of win-win cooperation driven by large scale infrastructure, and just economic arrangements between sovereign nations with a US-Russia-China core alliance. Quotes from both men and battles around Bretton Woods and the original pro-nation state mandate of the UN with battles between US Patriots vs British imperialists. The episode will end with the tragic sabotage of this vision as the deep state took over control of US domestic and foreign policy with the death of FDR and the creation of a new Anglo-American empire, CIA, Truman Doctrine, Cold War insanity etc imagery of nuclear weapons and animated graphics of world divided.

Episode 2: A light emerges amidst darkness: The Five Principles of Peaceful Co-existence

This episode will do a mini recap followed by the continued collapse of the USA into empire during the Cold War, with some dramatic counterpoint featuring the rise of the Non-Aligned Movement, and the 1955 Bandung Conference that attempted to revive FDR’s vision of harmonious co-existence premised around the Five Principles for Peaceful Coexistence. The sabotage of that process via the Korean War, Vietnam war, establishment of the US military industrial complex and new age of Mutually Assured Nuclear destruction.

Counterpoint darkness with glimmer of light: Eisenhower ‘military industrial complex’ warning of Jan 1960 and JFK’s emergence a visionary leader who fought to restore natural law and change the rules of the rigged game.

Episode 3: Kissinger’s Slave Colony Vision for the New World Order

Over the dead bodies of JFK, RFK and Martin Luther King a new paradigm takes over the USA in force with a mandate to usher in a New World Order.

The Trilateral Commission origins (Zbigniew’s manifesto for a world government slave state) and Kissinger’s foreign policy revolution as outlined in his NSSM-200 report of 1974 (population control as top priority instead of creation). China’s expected role to become a forever slave colony of cheap labor supplying a post-industrial consumer society west.

But a battle wages inside China over which path to take. They are desperate and poor and require means of industrial production, but will they go with Kissinger or take their own path was yet to be seen…

Episode 4: Markets Markets everywhere: The Age of Regime Change, and De-Regulation

A New Type of Warfare emerges: Economic deregulation to destroy target nation states in order to facilitate speculating against currencies to destroy them. With this deregulation, Mergers and acquisitions of corporations and finance take over 1980s becoming more powerful than governments. The CIA creates National Endowment for Democracy and Speculators like Soros create Open Society Foundations to undermine national sovereign governments under veneer of “democracy building”. Soros/NED operations growth in China and Russia. How they are more successful in Russia while China kicks out Soros in 1989.

Hard regime change process: Afghanistan part 1, Iraq war 1 in 1990, Bosnia 1998 and expansion of NATO under ‘End of History doctrine of Francis Fukuyama. George Bush, Biden, Kissinger all celebrating the New World Order in 1992. Biden video clip talking about the only danger to vision of world order is Russia-China-Iran alliance and saying “good luck with that” arrogantly OR Biden video clip talking about the only danger of nuclear war being caused by growth of NATO in Ukraine or Georgia (1997)… Brzezinski gleefully laying out plan to balkanize all of Russia into small micro federations under IMF control. With Yeltsin running Russia as a CIA stooge, these globalists had every reason to be arrogant that their script was going to succeed unchallenged.

Little was it understood that a movement of patriots were also at work preparing to defend their nations from this onslaught. Image of Russian PM Yevgeni Primakov, Chinese leaders around Ziang Zemin, and President Khatami (meeting with Pope John Paul II). A new trouble shooter is brought in by the Russian nationalists to begin to undo the damage caused by Yeltsin, new oligarchs and CIA… Vladimir Putin.

Episode 5: Global Government or Win-Win Cooperation? 

Intro decision to expand NATO into global military force in the 1990s. After 9-11 which ushers in new age of insanity with new destruction of Afghanistan and Iraq Soros and NED operation continue their role in overthrowing governments of Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan and growth of NATO from 16-25 members under Victoria Nuland and Cheney.

Project for a New American Century citations for US-led world order.

Amplify the insanity in the video. Chaotic stressful music

General Wesley Clark (Former head of NATO) 2007 video warning of plans to regime change Syria, Libya, Lebanon and Iran by Richard Perle and Wolfowitz.

The world accelerating towards world war three with intention to intimidate Russia, China into giving up sovereignty and bending knees.

Was this agenda for global government and permanent war ignored by Russia? 

Video: Putin’s 2007 Munich Conference Speech outlining enough is enough and calling out the global government agenda/ full spectrum dominance.

China is also waking up to the new Obama Asia Pacific Strategy to focus the military industrial complex on surrounding China in Pacific (Animated Map of 2011 US military and/or Obama announcing Asia Pivot strategy… OR General Dempsey warning about Thucydides Trap)

Outline Arab Spring Regime Change ops: Tunisia, Egypt, Libya and then Syria.

After the annihilation of Libya as the most stable Arab state in the world, Russia and China begin to resist in force using VETO powers of UN Security Council

China, which evicted George Soros in 1989 and maintained sovereign control over her banking system is now strong enough to announce an opposing foreign policy: Enter Belt and Road Initiative in September 2013 (speech by Xi video outlining vision for Belt and Road with Animated Map).

Episode 6: Debt Trap vs Development- Who is the Real Imperialist?

Narrator: It has become a truism that China aspires to become a new global hegemon spreading a system of debt slavery over the world  [MONTAGE of Media slanders]

We have been told that this is the reason that the collective west must stand up to China who threatens the Rules Based International Order… even to the point of going to war (Mark Rubio chanting war with China to raving mob of dumb supporters)

Putin video (14:50): “People talk about Rules based Order… What are these rules? Who agreed to them?”

Much of this hinges upon the narrative that China does seek to dominate the world as a debt enslaving hegemon. IS this true or do the facts showcase a different intention?

Break down the BRI in some detail using choice examples of mega-projects, increased quality of life, poverty reduction, etc

Outline railway growth, connectivity, resisting divide/conquer tactics, industrial development, healthy energy policy, space and technology policy of Eurasia (Russia and China joint space program for permanent lunar base and mining for Helium 3 in space), fusion power focus, Abundance creation vs scarcity creation. Leap over Limits to growth vs adapt to limits to growth.

For Africa: Project examples, and different mode of loans compared to the west.

Most debt is tied to real development with long term repayment plans that increase the quality of life, productive forces and national sovereignty of the participating nations and people of BRI projects.

Examples, poverty alleviation, training of engineers in Africa etc.

and how is the system different from the unipolar model of Kissinger?

Beautiful Irony time…

The precedent for this emerging Multipolar system is found in the FDR/Wallace vision for international collaboration around the International New Deal projects and UN Charter. People say that the UN Charter is the same as the ‘Rules Based International Order’ but that is not true at all. Where one is based on the sacred respect for sovereign nations and non-aggression, the other paradigm is built only on the will of the strongest. (Examples of UN Charter citations). 

Five Principles for Peaceful Coexistence and Sun Yat-sen vision for International Development of China agreed to by US patriots and BOTH Mao and Kuomintang at Bretton Woods in 1944 coming back online.

Episode 7: Breaking the Eurasian Alliance and imposing 1992 script back onto the world

Today’s world is shaped by processes that cannot be understood if one ignores the destruction of the US-Russia-China alliance for a world of cooperation and the artificial creation of the Cold War after WWII.

Spark plugs for nuclear war against China remain colonies of the US military industrial complex such as Japan, and South Korea- both of whom have never been permitted real sovereignty with 50,000 US troops and 28,000 US troops stationed in each nation respectively.

The Island of Taiwan, long recognized by all but 13 governments of the earth as an integral part of China has been used much like Ukraine on Russia’s perimeter…

US-led wargames in the Pacific, and agreements to militarily fight China. Pacific NATO/QUAD development.

Taiwan as an expendable chess piece within a great game with leading US Warhawks from both parties inflaming separatist sentiments, and promoting military enmeshment with the USA. Where the National Endowment for Democracy and CIA oversaw a 2014 color revolution in Ukraine, those same organizations oversaw the Sunflower Movement in Taiwan that saw young mobs storm the parliament, leading to the cancellation of a pro-mainland economic deal and ouster of the Kuomintang government that same year (VIDEO Footage)

Inside China itself. the CIA has spent millions enflaming separatist movements in Xinjiang, Hong Kong and Tibet as part of the long-standing agenda to Balkanize China into a handful of small IMF-dominated micro federations (MAP of Balkanized China)

This agenda is identical to the formula applied to Russia by think tanks that have circulated Balkanized tribal maps of Russia and advanced by such reports as “Decolonizing Russia” (citation)

Russia-China-Iran alliance of civilization states as the greatest threat to the New World Order outlined by Brzezinski in 1997

[Videos of all three leaders] The fact is that a new inter-civilizational resistance to empire has emerged with a  power to challenge the Rules Based International Order.

Plans to conduct regime change in Syria, Venezuela, Kazakhstan have been thwarted by this alliance and even now a peace process unlike anything thought possible is emerging with arch enemies Iran and Saudi Arabia signing peace deals while the gulf states are brought into a coalition of development and reconstruction of the middle east, and even Yemen. Images of development projects in Middle East.

Africa has seen the greatest expansion of development through the assistance of Russia and China which have brought energy, rail and infrastructure projects which were last dreamed of by John F Kennedy over 60 years ago. (Image of rail ways and electricity in Africa or video from CGTN of Chinese and African engineers working together)

The Latin American and Caribbean states have also come to embrace this new paradigm with xx countries signing onto the Belt and Road Initiative and announcing a de-dollarization in a move towards trading in local currencies or Yuan.

In the Arctic, the Polar Silk Road has opened up a new gateway for development on the last unexplored frontier of the earth with prospects for civilizational growth of new cities, mining, shipping and more across the north cutting trade between Asia and Europe by 10 days.

While certain war-mongers only see in the Arctic a domain for militarization, this healthier paradigm of cooperation offers much more to humanity. A bridge across the Bering Strait first proposed by Putin in 2007, and an Alaska-Alberta rail connection endorsed by former President Trump, would go far in setting a new tempo for east west (and north-south) relations into the 21st century and beyond.

So with a world of eight billion souls in need of a future shaped by peace, dignity and productive work, why hold onto obsolete plans for New World Orders, or world government, when a bright destiny of creative cooperation and discovery are at our fingertips?

We need your help

Despite the fact that this is a labor of love, it is still an energy and time intensive process requiring resources, which is why we are launching this new fundraising campaign so that more people can help make these artistic productions a reality.

So if you have the resources to assist in this project, please consider kicking in a donation to Canadian Patriot Review or The Rising Tide Foundation.

If you cannot donate, then please don’t feel bad. But either way, if you like these films and want to see more, please consider sharing this campaign on social media and anywhere else you think it may resonate.

Yours in the fight

Matt and Cynthia

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