Robert Kennedy Jr aspires to revive the spirit of his martyred uncle, father and Franklin Roosevelt, all of whom represented a powerful anti-imperial tradition within a Democratic Party which has lost its soul over recent decades.

However, would his uncle, father or Franklin Roosevelt approve of Bobby Kennedy Jr’s support of green energy, IPCC-climatism or international Green New Deals which would force a drastic reduction in population levels and living standards globally? What about Kennedy Jr’s committment to de-nuclearize or his leading role in shutting down the Indian Point reactor in New York State last year sending energy bills, insecurity and ironically coal plant usage skyrocketing?

In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt Ehret speaks with Space Commune Podcast host, author and editor Fox Green about his new essay RFK, Jr.’s Destructive Environmental Record

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  1. RFK Jr. is on every damn youtube platform you can think of. My thoughts about him– he is being used by his British green masters as a alternative to Donald Trump. Now Trump may be no FDR or JFK but he is a wild card that may adopt the American system and kill the British system.

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