In this American University Round table event hosted by Rogue News, the Apri 25 anniversary of the meeting of US and Russian soldiers in Germany signalling the end of WWII is celebrated with reflections from 10 geopolitical experts.

Speakers include: Dimitry Lascaris, lawyer, political activist and Green Party Candidate speaking from Crimea (

Dr. Edward Lozansky, President American University in Moscow (

Martin Sieff, Journalist, historian (

Jeremy Kuzmarov, Editor in Chief of Covert Action Magazine (

Matthew Ehret, Director of the Rising Tide Foundation/founder Canadian Patriot Review ( and

Fox Green, Editor in Chief of Space Commune (

Bruce de Torres, host of TNT Radio’s World Stage (

Alex Krainer, economic analyst, historian (

Roger Kotila, analyst (

V the Guerilla Economist (

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