How have false dualisms been used to manipulate humanity for millennia?

In this long-form conversation, Matt Ehret and host Courtenay Turner dive deeply into the different modes of left vs right thinking have been crafted to induce victims to miss the truth of history and natural law starting with a discussion of the London-directed “dispute” between John Maynard Keynes vs Friedrich von Hayek, to the “debate” between followers of Adam Smith vs Karl Marx, to the Jacobins vs Girondins of the French Revolution.

This discussion will take us into the world of Ancient Athens where Matt defends the maligned Plato and outlines how this philosopher was engaged in live geopolitical warfare on multiple fronts, fighting to break society out of this oligarchical trap within his many dialogues and international network associated with his school of Athens.

Resolving the paradox of the one and the many (expressed politically as the apparent conflict between duty/freedom or the rights of individuals set in opposition to the good of a collective) can be done by the principle of life and creativity or death and decay.. with two diametrically opposed outcomes for humanity and with only one “solution” ringing in harmony with Natural Law.

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