In the first three volumes of the Clash of the Two Americas, we were introduced to two opposing currents which have shaped all American (and world) history from 1776 to the present.

Where one tradition represented the best renaissance concepts of God, Law, Freedom, and Value which were enshrined in America’s founding documents, the other tradition represented the worst traditions of oligarchism that oversaw the plunge of humanity into empire, wars, Crusades and depopulation over the eons.

While one tradition was defended by literally every American president who died while in office as we discovered in those books, the other London-centered tradition was at the heart of a traitorous fifth column that was built up over the course of two centuries and it is upon this column that today’s deep state rests.

In this fourth volume of the series authored by Matthew Ehret and featuring a special contribution by Cynthia Chung, you will be introduced to the origins and structure of those oligarchical operations at a level of depth and resolution you have never imagined possible, with a focus on the role of Anglo-Venetian intelligence operations that were built up long before the sacrifices made in 1776.

How this multifaceted parasite purged England of its humanist impulses converting a once-viable national character into an empire and how a young colony broke from that Empire is discussed at length followed by several acts documenting the epistemological battleground that has served as the frontline war to re-conquer both the United States and the western world over the course of the 20th and early 21st centuries.

With a better appreciation for the dark forces that have mis-shapen our past, a new appreciation for the power of humankind, natural law and today’s revival of anti-oligarchical principles can better be appreciated.

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  1. Whilst the “truth” is, as they say, often stranger than fiction, I’m continually learning or discovering that the majority view is often, at least my perception of it, far from the truth.
    So I thank you, Matt and Cythia, for shining the light on what was formerly, for me, a shadowy and puzzling past.
    Still got lots to learn but enjoying the historically enlightening experience😎.

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