Last week, my friend Zain Khan asked me to share my thoughts about UFOs.

Within my 10 minute response, I shared my belief that the entire UFO disclosure movement only exists because of a long-term psyop which arose amidst the earliest days of the CIA’s MK Ultra Project and Britain’s 1950 Flying Saucer Working Group.

Since US intelligence agencies and MI6 are desperately doubling down on UFO psyops, I decided it that it were wise to showcase this discussion with Zain Khan and also the repost of my recent essay “What do UFO’s Laurence Rockefeller and MK Ultra have in Common?”

What do UFOs, Laurence Rockefeller and MK Ultra Have in Common? More than you think

What would you do if the American and British governments both revealed that their secret UFO programs would declassify material from each nations’ respective National Archives?

What if you found out that leading politicians like former House Majority speaker Harry Reid had allocated $22 millions of tax payer dollars to UFO research and that Obama’s former chief counsellor (and accused pedophile) John Podesta has openly called for UFO disclosure on several public occasions since 2002 or that Hillary Clinton herself called for UFO disclosure during her presidential campaign pledges of 2015?

Would you believe these claims or would you remain skeptical? How would you decide what to do?

With the July 23 public statement from the Pentagon that “off world vehicles not made on this earth” have been kept secret for decades, this question has become extremely important.

Major opinion-shapers like Joe Rogan, Tucker Carlson, and even Russia Today have promoted the cause of alien disclosure for the past few years and with the most recent Pentagon announcement, fascination in little grey men has spread like wildfire.

Who’s Playing this Game?

For the past several decades, government-sponsored UFO research has largely been driven by the work of private subcontractors like Bigelow Aerospace which was founded by billionaire real estate speculator Robert Bigelow. Having recently joined the “new space movement” (ie: an anti-nation state trojan horse designed to promote privatized money driven model of space funding) alongside other billionaires like Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos and Sir Richard Branson, Bigelow allocated large swaths of his fortunes to the creation of organizations like the National Institute for Discovery Science which have always worked in a private capacity with governments and academia.

One of Bigelow’s biggest tools was Sen. Harry Reid who not only received generous campaign funds from the billionaire between 1998-2009 but also allocated tens of millions in national defense funds to his company starting in 2007.

As the New York Times revealed in 2017, it was with Bigelow’s backing, that Harry Reid spearheaded the creation of the Pentagon’s Advanced Aerospace Threat Identification Program which was devoted to identifying ETs.

In 2014, the creative force driving the “UFO-disclosure cause” has taken the form of a weird organization called To the Stars Academy of Arts and Science run by high level intelligence operatives and using a cardboard cut-out Tom Delonge  (former lead singer of the punk band Blink 182). To the Stars has poured millions of dollars into cultural/educational and lobbying projects driven by books, movies, film and documentaries in the cause of “elevating global consciousness” in preparation for a new age of UFO disclosure.

As Delonge says in his promotional video“through a series of meetings I was soon connected to a large group of US government officials. From the CIA, to the Department of Defense to Lockheed Martin Skunkworks. These were the guys involved in the secretive government programs that dealt with these subjects.”

Some of the shadowy figures affiliated with To the Stars and featured on the group’s website include a former CIA director of operations, former Deputy Assistant secretary for Defense Intelligence, former Director of Information for White House Technology, and former chief of the CIA’s counter-biological weapons program. Both Podesta and Bigelow’s Aerospace have also worked closely with Delonge’s strange group over the past six years.

Bigelow is not the only billionaire who has allocated their vast fortunes to the cause of “UFO truth”.

The Rockefeller Project

In 1993, the Disclosure Initiative was created by none other than financier Laurence Rockefeller (4th son of Standard Oil Founder John D. Rockefeller). The initiative had a two-fold purpose:

  • Unite all of the largest UFO research organizations in America under one umbrella organization which was promptly accomplished within one year and
  • Massively lobby the Clinton Administration to declassify millions of documents which was done in 1994, revealing little more than mountains of anecdotal testimonies and correspondences.

During the heyday of the Rockefeller UFO Disclosure Initiative, the Clintons stayed at the Laurence Rockefeller ranch in Wyoming, during which time an early recruit to the “disclosure mission” was Clinton Chief of Staff John Podesta. Podesta started going public with calls for UFO disclosure in 2002 and has continued to work with figures like Bigelow and To the Stars Academy over the next 18 years.

Researchers Brad and Sherry Steiger noted Laurence’s strange enthusiasm in funding both UFO disclosure and psychedelic research. This fact was laid out in their 2012 Conspiracies and Secret Societies where the authors wrote:

“Laurence also funded the Green Earth Foundation, headed by Terence McKenna, who traveled the globe collecting psychoactive plants, which he was permitted to cultivate in Hawaii. McKenna theorized that aboriginal cultures have used these substances to induce a psychic link with extraterrestrials.

The Human Potential Foundation was primarily funded by Laurence Rockefeller, who encouraged its study of alternative religious and psychiatric/psychological paradigms. Similarly, Laurence cooperated closely with the BSW Foundation, headed by wealthy New Yorkers Sandra Wright Houghton and Bootsy Galbraith, who shared his belief that the ETs are benevolent and have come to help the human species ascend the evolutionary ladder more rapidly.”

During the Clinton White House years, Laurence Rockefeller recruited a bodybuilding biologist named Stephen Greer to become the controller of the Disclosure Project which has provided his meal ticket to this very day. Greer has given thousands of interviews promoting the narrative that NASA’s Apollo Lunar projects were stopped in 1972 merely because the aliens who have been stationed on the Moon for eons didn’t want the truth to leak out (but were at least kind enough to let us keep the technology they gave us earlier in Roswell in the 1950s).

If you believe in Greer’s narrative (which gets much crazier I promise), then human creative thought is actually not as special as “the shadowy forces controlling the government” wanted you to believe since space technology only exists because we stole stuff from ETs. Pretty much any inspired awe in universal creation and the power of the human mind to discover this creation with the effect of making life better through scientific and technological progress would easily be killed from this outlook.

From this mindset, the idea of advanced knowledge or technological progress just become another kind of “secret knowledge” for some gnostic-styled cult with a select few endowed with the powers of secret knowledge (in this case, those who are privy to communicate with aliens and use their tech.)

The questions an intelligent person should now ask are:

Why would a leading figure of the Rockefeller dynasty devote the last decades of his life to the cause of “UFO truth”? Did Laurence Rockefeller or those on his payroll or those in the CIA actually care about the right of the people to know hidden truths, or is the plan just designed to mis-direct the minds of credulous and jaded citizens into an invisible cage? Might such a mis-direction prevent people from dealing with issues of America’s lurch to fascism and accelerating disintegration?

Is it possible that these pedophiles, globalists, and Malthusian billionaires care less about the truth and more about inducing Americans to fixate on aliens while the republic is destroyed under economic collapse and war?

Squaring the Crop Circle

A large portion of the Disclosure Project’s work has gone into the investigation of crop circles which were first recorded in the early 1970s in Britain, and which have the peculiar characteristic of becoming increasingly well executed and complex over the course of five decades. Live Science reported that “the first real crop circles didn’t appear until the 1970s, when simple circles began appearing in the English countryside. The number and complexity of the circles increased dramatically, reaching a peak in the 1980s and 1990s when increasingly elaborate circles were produced”.

My question is: If transcendental alien races travelling at faster-than light speed, have been leaving encoded messages to us, then why would their artistic skills have improved so dramatically over a few years? Just a question.

MK Ultra & UFOs

Most people know of the CIA/MI6-funded mass brainwashing operation known as MK Ultra which was launched in 1953. Very few people have recognized the connection between MK Ultra and the rise of the UFO movement that grew in spades throughout the Cold War.

While US and UK government UFO investigations did occur in piece meal starting in 1947 under Project Sign (1947), and Project Grudge (1949), it wasn’t until 1950 that official tax payer-funded departments were created in both nations to pursue “UFO research”. These took the form of the USA’s Project Blue Book (1952) which itself was modelled on the work conducted by Britain’s 1950 “Flying Saucer Working Party” spear-headed by Sir Henry Tizard (Chief Science Advisor to the Ministry of Defense and Chairman of Britain’s Defense Research Policy Committee).

Journalist Naomi Klein stated in her book The Shock Doctrine that Tizard played a leading role in the creation and funding of MK Ultra during a high level meeting in Montreal and Tizard’s Wikipedia entry notes that:

“One of the most controversial meetings he had to attend in his capacity as chair of the National Research Commission would only emerge many years later with the de-classification of CIA documents, namely a meeting on June 1st, 1951 at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Montreal Canada, between Tizard, Omond Solandt (chairman of Defence Research and Development Canada) and representatives of the CIA to discuss “brainwashing”.

This Ritz-Carleton meeting would lay the seeds for MK Ultra that was not only designed to deal with brainwashing, but created LSD, and explored the matter of breaking down a human mind into a blank slate with the explicit intention of reconstructing minds from scratch.

Another interesting figure in the UFO/MK Ultra nest of social engineers is a figure named Joseph Bryan III. Bryan worked closely with the CIA’s Frank Wisner and ran the Political Psychological Warfare Unit of the Office of Policy Coordination (OPC). Founded in 1950, the OPC was known as the ‘covert operations wing’ of the CIA.

After declassified FBI files released in 2019 demonstrated, Bryan participated in a 1953 meeting at the US Attorney Generals Office attended by none other than the FBI’s J. Edgar Hoover and CIA’s Allen Dulles where the topic of “Brain Washing” was discussed/ Among the declassified files released by FOIA request, the topic of ‘truth serums’ came up extensively. Today, we now know that the development of a ‘truth serum’ was the reason behind the development of LSD-25 (among an array of other psychedelics which went on to play a major role in the social engineering of the baby boomer paradigm shift of the 1960s.

How does Bryan play into the UFO story?

From 1956-1971, Bryan sat on the Board of Governors of the National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon (NICAP)- a nominally “civilian” UFO research group which published a magazine titled ‘The UFO Investigator’.

An August 7, 1966 edition of the Sunday Star published an article ‘Flying Saucers Again: Do You Believe in Them?’ which cited Bryan (then also an acting Grand Master of the Maryland Freemason lodge) as a UFO authority saying:

“The UFO Investigator,” the stated position of one of the most highly qualified members of its Board of Governors.  Joseph Bryan III (Colonel, USAF, Retired), former Special Assistant to the Secretary of the Air Force (1952-53) and former member of the staff of Gen. Lauris Norstad, then Supreme Allied Commander at NATO: “It is my opinion that the UFOs reported by competent observers are devices under intelligent control; that their speeds, maneuvers, and other technical evidence prove them superior to any aircraft or space devices now produced on earth; and that these UFOs are interplanetary devices systematically observing the earth, either manned or under remote control, or both.”

As Klein’s book eloquently showcases, the intention behind the MK Ultra experiments was to use these discoveries on a national scale in order to conduct “shock therapy” on nations in order to break cultures and nations from their historic memories and traditions with the purpose of reconstructing them under a post-nation state (and post-truth) neo-liberal world order.

While MK Ultra was funded and executed by the Americans, the guidance for this operation were always driven by London’s Tavistock Clinic. A bone chilling expose of this clinic was produced by EIR’s Jeffrey Steinberg in 1993 which may keep you up at night.[1]

With these revelations of MK Ultra psychedelic experiments onto thousands of human guinea pigs given heavy doses of psychedelics without their knowledge which coincides with the growth of alien disclosure projects, it is worth questioning: are Lawrence Rockefeller’s role as UFO disclosure priest and his role as primary sponsor of Terrence McKenna and the Tavistock-connected Human Potential Movement two sides of the same operation?[2]

Unless your name was Joe Rogan, this information should cause even a devoted supporter of psychedelics and ETs to pause for a moment in contemplation that something darker might have been fed to you.

You might also begins to wonder how many alien abductees over the past 70 years were simply MK Ultra guinea pigs and also what social engineering ambitions the patrons of these cults have for humanity going forward into the “post-Great Reset age”?

As one can imagine, the very act of providing government funds to investigate flying saucers was itself sufficient to legitimize the existence of aliens in the minds of millions of Europeans and Americans during the Cold War years. During these dark years, faith in the possibility of honest government collapsed under the imperial wars of Korea, Vietnam abroad and the growth of the Military Industrial Complex and McCarthyism at home. The world of secret patents, secret weapons, secret R&D that developed during this period in facilities like Area 51 made the frequent sightings by civilians and even un-vetted military pilots of “unidentified flying aircraft” an expected occurrence.

Flying Saucers and Area 51

In her 2012 book Area 51: An Uncensored History of America’s Top Secret Military Base, journalist Annie Jacobson provided lengthy detail of the Cold War experiments, classified aerospace technology and nuclear bomb testing that took place at Area 51 during this period.

What could account for observed UFO phenomena?

In an interview with NPR Radio[3], Jacobson stated: “The UFO craze began in the summer of 1947. Several months later, the G2 intelligence, which was the Army intelligence corps at the time, spent an enormous amount of time and treasure seeking out two former Third Reich aerospace designers named Walter and Reimar Horten who had allegedly created [a] flying disc. … American intelligence agents fanned out across Europe seeking the Horton brothers to find out if, in fact, they had made this flying disc.”

During WWII, the Horten brothers were associated with the Austrian scientist Viktor Shauberger whose innovative designs[4] for implosion (vs explosion) flying technology utilized water currents, and electromagnetism to generate flying machines that by all surviving accounts flew faster than the speed of sound.

While much of his research was confiscated and classified by victor nations after WWII, Schauberger was promised government sponsorship in America which induced the inventor to move across the ocean where Canada’s Avro Arrow program sought his designs for supersonic nuclear missile delivery aircraft.

When he discovered that his work would only be used for military purposes, Schauberger pushed back and over the course of several months, his patents were essentially stolen, and he returned to Austria to die broke and depressed in 1958.

The Strategic Importance of Space

It was never a secret that the post-1971 globalized world order championed by the likes of Sir Henry Kissinger, David and Laurence Rockefeller and other Malthusians throughout the 20th century was always designed to collapse.

With the mass shock therapy that such a collapse would impose upon the world, it was believed that a deconstruction of the Abrahamic traditions that governed western society for 2000 years could be accomplished and a new society could be socially engineered in the image of the Brave New (depopulated) World that would live like happy sheep forever under the grip of a hereditary alpha class and their technocratic managers. The story of the Tavistock-led attack on scientific progress is told brilliantly in the 2010 Lpac film The Destruction of NASA.[5]

The only problem these social engineers have encountered in recent years is the re-emergence of actual statesmen who are unwilling to sacrifice their people and traditions on the altar of a new global Gaia cult. Such defenders of humanity’s better traditions have launched the multipolar alliance and have driven a policy of long-term growth and advance scientific and technological progress which is embodied brilliantly by the New Silk Road, and its extensions to the Arctic. The most exciting aspect of this New Silk Road/Multipolar Paradigm is the leap into space exploration as the new frontier of human self-development which has not been seen since the days of President Kennedy.

With China and Russia signing a pact to jointly develop lunar bases with a focus on international cooperation on Lunar and Mars resource development/industrialization, the age of unlimited growth that was lost with the LSD-driven mass psychosis of 1968’s “live in the now” paradigm shift may finally be recaptured. Programs designed to put humanity’s focus on real objective threats like Asteroid collisions, and solar-induced new ice ages are seriously being discussed by leaders of Eurasia today.

There are billions of suns and potentially billions of galaxies, and chances are there is indeed life on many of the planets orbiting some of the stars within our growing, creative universe… and there is also a fair chance that cognitive life has also emerged on some of those planets. The best way to find out is not to sit at home while the world economic system collapses under a controlled disintegration thinking about Rockefeller-funded conspiracy theories, but rather to fight to revive humanity’s open system destiny starting with a cooperative space program to extend human culture and economy to the Moon and Mars, and then onto other planetary bodies followed by missions to deep space.

If other civilizations exist, maybe it is our duty to take up the torch left to us by JFK and go find them.

The author recently delivered a presentation on this topic during a weekly broadcast of Rogue News which can be viewed here:


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[2] For a fuller picture of the Tavistock Institute, Esalen Institute and the growth of the psychedelic movement, see Cynthia Chung’s Huxley’s Ultimate Revolution: The Battle for Your Mind and the Relativity of Madness published on The Strategic Culture Foundation Dec. 2021.

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