“Matt and Cynthia’s work is always a tour de force of investigative analysis of history. The unpacking of otherwise undetected links between the modern-day geopolitical turbulence and historical networks or context is accessible, fascinating and enlightening. If you are brave enough to fully understand the sinister origins of our world, read The Clash of Two Americas in its entirety.”

-Vanessa Beeley, Independent Journalist, Editor-in-Chief of The Wall Will Fall

“The fourth installment in the revelatory series The Clash of Two Americas by Matt Ehret is the most comprehensive excavation of hidden history and manipulated facts I’ve found to piece together the puzzle of how we came to this crucial place in our history and how we can possibly redirect our sails towards a better future. Matt’s thoroughly cited in depth research over decades unfolds on the pages like a top notch spy novel with unending ah-ha moments and long overlooked gaps in the controlled narrative timeline. His gift for breaking down complex information to the most basic understanding reveals the meticulously constructed fraud concocted in secret society meeting and back door maneuvers that usurped our nation that undermined our constitutional republic and sadly continues to be a threat to this day. If you are looking for the true history of this great country, and how and why a small group of oligarchs and multinational corporations along with a private banking cartel captured America at the highest level, the deception we were fed to look at the crown as a benevolent ally, and why the distractions and propaganda always hides the real agenda this is the book for you. I call Ehret the Professor, for I have learned so much from him I never would have understood, and his work always is filled with solutions, compassion, and a love of God Freedom and the Truth.”

-Mel K, host of The Mel K Show

“In Clash of the Two Americas vol 2, Matt Ehret reminds us that the roots and history of Canada are the 800-pound gorilla behind the United States’ founding and development. You really cannot discuss one without the other. Mr. Ehret brings all this together with his excellent contextualization, comparison and contrast.”

Jeff J. Brown, Author of The China Trilogy, Editor of China Rising Radio Sinoland and Curator of the Bioweapon Truth Commission.

“It is with this fear and anxiety for the future that I reached for an understanding of the past, and for Matthew’s book “Clash of the Two Americas”. Reading “Clash of the Two Americas” can add clarity to America’s tricky, misunderstood history, which was shaped and manipulated by politicians, power players, and the globalists of their time, operating and maneuvering in the shadows to bring about a world hegemon and global super power, with all the blood and treasure that entails.”

–Alex Christoforou, Editor-in-Chief of the Duran

“At the times when U.S.-Russia and more generally East – West relations are at historic lows, when the possibility of WWIII with nuclear weapons is frequently mentioned in political and foreign policy experts circles, plus the media, the world needs some fresh ideas to prevent the looming Armageddon. Using the historical perspective is also important and Matt Ehret’s book “Clash of the Two Americas” does exactly that.  Hopefully it may inspire good people to go into politics and replace the bad ones who are leading our country and the world into oblivion.”

-Dr. Edward Lozansky, President of the American University in Moscow

“The Clash of the Two Americas is bold, brilliant and very timely. It is history as it should be written, read and interpreted. To properly understand history we need to understand the actions and agendas of its key protagonists. We also need to understand the history that’s been memory-holed by those who wrote it. Cynthia Chung and Matthew Ehret have done a remarkable job of ‘connecting the right dots’ and reclaiming much of last three centuries’ memory-holed but important and fascinating history… A five-star volume, hands down.

-Alex Krainer, commodities trader and the Author of Grand Deception: The Truth About Bill Browder, the Magnitsky Act, and Anti-Russian Sanctions

“Few lines of historical research offer the stunning insights and perspectives of political, philosophical (and even science) history that “Clash of the two Americas” provides. Ehret and Chung not only manage to zero in on the deeper significance of world-changing events, but also, to trace how competing ideas have, from their inception – to full blown manifestation (or suppression) – made lasting and profound impacts on how and why we’re seeing the profoundly important societal developments, at this moment in time, that we are. If you tend to appreciate unique and informed research into what’s shaped dangerous and predominating MAJOR world-views then “Clash of the two Americas” is certainly a book you’d enjoy delving into!”

-Elan Martin – Co-host of YouTube program Mind Matters and editor of SOTT

“The well-documented first volume of the sequel project “an unfinished symphony” reads like an agent novel in parts. It’s about the momentous, combative conflict between two obviously irreconcilable worlds of ideas, about ideas and concepts. It’s about conspiracies and assassinations to undermine undesirable political and economic decisions. The consequences of the successive, physical elimination of the supporters of what Ehret calls the “American system of political economy” are not only felt   very sensitively by the citizens of the USA to this day. The consequences of the perversion of an initially in the truest sense of the word constructive project are borne by the whole world to this day in the form of an endless chain of wars and “color revolutions”.

–Irene Eckert, Editor-in-Chief of The Working Group for Peace Policy Nuclear Weapons-Free Europe/Arbeitskreis für Friedenspolitik unerlässlich.

“The “Clash of Two America” is a compendium of historical information.  Much of it is not very well-known, even by knowledgeable readers.  The book is well-written, an exciting read, and has some elements of a good mystery novel.  Except this is a true story.”

-David William Pear, Journalist, historian, editor

“Matthew’s “Clash of Two America’s” reads like a people’s history, an earnest search for the truth of what has been transpiring in the United States since inception. It is a buck against a wanting establishment narrative which has been sold to us for decades and centuries. Ehret is extremely well-read with a knack for recalling, at-will, names, places, events, and dates, thus providing him with a broad breadth and depth of understanding based on factual historical material. While the book may not get everything right 100%, I don’t believe any book on history or politics does. He brings us much closer to the truth than many in recent years have done and reading The Clash of the Two Americas will truly make you interested in and passionate about history once again!”

-Hrvoje Moric, Host of Geopolitics and Empire Podcast

“I found Clash of the Two Americas vol 4 to be insightful, informative and well set out for any layperson to grasp; even in the more scientific parts, for which I have to commend Ehret. This powerful volume sits outside the norm and compellingly reveals the systemic corruption of a global ‘elite’ who, for too long, have malevolently run the world.”

-John O’Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Principia Scientifica

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