[This week, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova delivered the following explosive response to Chrystia Freeland’s recent obnoxious efforts to ban Russia from all international organizations and financial institutions. Zakharova’s remarks follow in full]

At recent meetings of the finance ministers of the G7 and G20, Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland actively advocated the exclusion of Russia from global financial institutions and international organizations.

At the same time, Ottawa has again increased the supply of weapons to Ukraine, including the Karl Gustav ATGM from the Canadian Armed Forces.

All this is a response to new alleged evidence of “atrocities of the Russian military.” Shortly before the G20 meeting, Freeland bluntly stated: “War crimes were committed in Ukraine. The evidence we have seen is simply appalling.”

It would look like an inept fake if it were not a bloody historical reconstruction of the events of the Second World War.

80 years before the “Bucha”, the important Polish Ukrainian-language newspaper “Krakow News”, censored and controlled by the Third Reich, published a note about the “torture” by NKVD murderers of “people who lay on the streets of Lviv” in the abandoned city after the retreat of the Red Army (“Krakow News”, July 6, 1941). At the same time, emphasis was placed on the nationality of the killed. On July 8, 1941, the “Krakow News” wrote that “the Bolsheviks shot 1,500 ethnic Ukrainians with machine-gun fire in Lutsk.” The Nazi Reich accused the international Soviet Union of genocide.

The “Krakow News” was well aware of its role in this story – in the context of Ukraine, they were the propaganda conductor of fascist Germany for the whole world. This is directly written in the editorial “Don’t cry, but win” (“Krakow News”, July 6, 1941, B. Halit): “The positive thing about this great trouble [pogroms] is that the terrible pogroms of Ukrainians have come to the attention of the whole world. The loss of tens of thousands of conscious, active citizens is painful, new people will not be able to take their places, the propaganda effect achieved by the pogroms is not comparable to the losses. But since they died only because they were conscious Ukrainians and loved Ukraine most of all, we must take care that their precious blood is not wasted; we must use it for good… We must make moral capital out of it for our people… Now we have an opportunity, a sad opportunity, but nevertheless an opportunity that we cannot miss. The Jewish mafia in all its branches — from communist to Masonic — has long removed the word ‘Ukraine’ from the world press or tried to belittle it by any means. That is why now that our national name has appeared on the front pages of major periodicals again, we cannot miss this interest, although its background is so tragic.”

What a reminiscence? Only all this is happening before our eyes.

Once again, Ukraine has “made the front pages”, and we are absolutely groundlessly accused of wanting to “cancel” Ukraine in the same way they cancel everything Russian. Once again, the Nazis are using propaganda and tragedy to denigrate Russia. Again, for them it is “a sad opportunity, but still an opportunity.” Unsubstantiated, counting solely on the emotional effect. Once again, people’s lives are just a bargaining chip in a propaganda game for public opinion – a traditional tactic of the Nazis.

And now the most important thing. Play a fanfare.

The “Krakow News” – this important tool of fascist Ukrainian-language propaganda – was edited by Mykhailo Khomyak, a journalist-collaborator from Ukraine.

In addition to his criminal past, he is known for only one more fact of his biography. Mikhailo Khomyak is the grandfather of Christy Freeland, Deputy Prime Minister of Canada.

Now go back to the beginning of the post and read it again.

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