The Canadian Patriot Review is proud to announce that the third volume of the Clash of the Two Americas trilogy is now available for purchase in paperback and digital editions.

Titled “The Birth of a Eurasian Manifest Destiny”, volume three ends in some ways how the trilogy began in 1776 as told in Volume 1… as an “Unfinished Symphony”.

This modern symphony is ripe with potential just as it was in 1776, yet the tune has taken on new life with exciting new variations embodying an ecumenical spirit now coming alive by the great civilizations of Eurasia.

Like all great classical masterpieces, this variation is both harmonious, yet also filled with dissonances.

Some of those dissonances are necessary parts of the composition, and others are entirely unnecessary consequences of the very active and very ugly existence of an oligarchical system and its associated ideological commitments and impulses which stand in defiance to natural law.

This is the same oligarchical system that has maintained a continuous existence since the dark days of ancient Babylon and which is committed to a world order incapable of self-perfection according to any standard of universal principles such as are found in the founding documents of the United States of America.

Today’s London-centered oligarchy also knows that the new paradigm being driven by the multipolar alliance, premised as it is on open system thinking, win-win cooperation,
national sovereignty and constant growth of the productive powers of labor is incompatible with the empire’s static demands for humanity and even the universe as a whole. From this standpoint the term “Manifest Destiny” will take on new vitality and meaning as a theme stretching back to the earliest records of civilisation to our present crisis-ridden age.

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