By Matthew Ehret

This week, the Canadian parliament, became the second nation of the Five Eyes (after the USA) to pass a motion condemning China as a promulgator of genocide against its Muslim population living in Xinjiang with all 266 parliamentarians representing all four federal parties joining in the dangerous game.

It would appear that these parliamentarians either didn’t realize that all of the claims of genocide promoted by anecdotal evidence accumulated by the NED-funded World Uyghur Congress or BBC have no bearing in reality and have been conclusively disproven, or these officials are exceedingly dishonest and lazy minded.

It would also appear that these parliamentarians forgot that they happened to preside over one of the largest abuses of an indigenous minority group of modern times as 350,000 First Nations (making up Aboriginals, Metis and Inuit) currently find themselves living in reserves with no hope for economic development, job opportunities or access to a life any different from their parents and grandparents which the state and covertly racist anthropologists dominating academia have deemed to be their “natural state”.

The naïve onlooker may ask: “But isn’t this the opposite of China’s ethnic genocide? Isn’t it the case that Canada’s natives are being left alone by the government, and permitted to live outside of the corrupt influences of western society, polluting technology and corrupting industry?”

Our naïve onlooker might continue to say: “Sure, there have been generations of abuses, but hasn’t our modern Canadian society become enlightened to the point that it now respects each first nation tribe’s rights to speak their own language, and be left alone? Of the 50 distinct languages spoken among the 634 tribes, many don’t even speak Canada’s official languages of French or English! Canada even supplies subsidies to ensure that welfare cheques and other benefits are extended to anyone living on native reserves across the nation (which they typically lose the moment they move off their allocated reserves of course). Isn’t that progressive?”

But here’s the rub:

Canadian native communities have forever been removed from their supposedly “pristine state of nature” and will never return to that. And that is a good thing, since the average life expectancy of someone living in the harsh climate of Northern Canada with no access to modern medicine, infrastructure and agriculture is abysmally low. At this moment, nearly any given member of a reserve across Canada has running water, electricity, internet and television, so anyone applauding Canada’s policy on native minorities due to our respect for “their natural way” should avoid straining their arm patting themselves on the back.

Despite the access to electricity, water, and some other modern amenities, the question persists: WHY are suicide rates among Canadian natives 3 x higher than the national average; with 5 x more indigenous women committing suicide than women of other non-native groups and 11 x more suicides in Inuit populations than other groups in Canada? WHY is it that natives living on reserves are 2.4 x more likely to commit suicide than those living off-reserves? WHY is it that the native communities only represent 2.6% of the total population and yet account for over 11% of all opioid deaths? Why are natives 13 x more likely to die of drug overdoses than other Canadians? WHY is infant mortality among natives 3 x higher than the national average while life expectancy is over 10 years shorter? And finally WHY do 47% of native children live in poverty with that number increasing across every province and territory?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that Canada’s natives have been the target of a racist imperial strategy designed to prevent any actual development of technology and mass infrastructure into reserves and especially not in the Arctic?

The Racist Strategy of Cultural Relativism and Human Flagpoles

Since the earliest days of the Cold War, Canadian natives have been manipulated by geopoliticians on two insidious levels:

On the first level, natives who had adapted to western civilization working in factories, farms and construction were quite literally extracted from cities during the 1950s and flown to northern outposts to “re-adapt” to their natural habitat under RCMP surveillance leaving many to starve and die for lack of knowledge of their lost hunting and gathering lifestyles. The name for this 1953-1958 geopolitical agenda was the High Arctic Reallocation Project.

This was later admitted to be a “human flagpole” program designed to justify Ottawa’s claims on Arctic territories. A royal commission report finally exposed the grave abuses of this program and published a final report in 1994 writing: “there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the central, if not the sole, reasons for the relocation of Inuit to the high Arctic was the desire by Canada to assert its sovereignty over the Arctic Islands and surrounding areas”.

On the deeper level, natives across all of Canada have been encouraged to believe that “western civilization” is intrinsically antagonistic to their culture since the west is rooted in technology, logic and colonialism while the natives are supposedly “spiritual, illogical, and at-one with nature”. While this cultural relativistic outlook masquerades behind pro-indigenous rights and seems to support the idea of defending indigenous culture from western imperialism, the ugly reality is that this outlook is simply conducive to crushing development, via the manipulation of entire native ethnic groups. This program itself goes back to the 1876 Indian Act and Britain’s desperate need to destroy the threat of USA-Russian collaboration on Arctic development which began with Russia’s 1867 sale of Alaska to the USA as told in my recent report “Canada and the Missed Chance of 1867”.

While two world wars, a handful of assassinations and a western-backed color revolution in Russia ensured that the natural development of rail connections between the USA and Eurasia via the Bering Strait would not blossom as many leading 19th century statesmen had planned, the friendship between Franklin Roosevelt and Stalin threatened to bring this long-overdue vision back to life. In 1944, FDR’s Vice President Henry Wallace described the need to bring advanced development into the Arctic along with a Bering Strait rail corridor (alongside Foreign Minister Molotov) writing in his Two People One Friendship:

“Of all nations, Russia has the most powerful combination of a rapidly increasing population, great natural resources and immediate expansion in technological skills. Siberia and China will furnish the greatest frontier of tomorrow… When Molotov [Russia’s Foreign Minister] was in Washington in the spring of 1942 I spoke to him about the combined highway and airway which I hope someday will link Chicago and Moscow via Canada, Alaska and Siberia. Molotov, after observing that no one nation could do this job by itself, said that he and I would live to see the day of its accomplishment. It would mean much to the peace of the future if there could be some tangible link of this sort between the pioneer spirit of our own West and the frontier spirit of the Russian East.”

In recent years, whenever native bands have tried to deal with the stagnation, and despair plaguing their communities by participating in real economic development that would finally introduce factors of opportunity, employment, skill creation and creative thought, as seen during the fight to construct the Coastal Gaslink Pipeline, white technocrats and other anthropologists working in universities, funded by billionaires arranged anti-pipeline mass protests to stop those initiatives from being created.

In response to the racist social engineering designed to prevent the development of natural gas pipelines that had unanimous support by all elected native chiefs in Alberta and BC, Native BC provincial MLA (Member of the Legislative Assembly) Ellis Ross stated:

Many of those lining up against the Coastal GasLink pipeline are non-Aboriginal, while some are even from south of the border. Foreign influence is nothing new, but what we are seeing today is a well-executed campaign financed by the likes of [Soros’] Tides Canada and the U.S. based Rockefeller Foundation.”

Compare this with China’s Uyghur Policy in Xinjiang

Many analysts have done a remarkable job debunking the Five Eyes claim of “Uyghur genocide” (as we see here and here and here and here), so I would like to end this report with a slightly different focus: Why is the disruption of today’s Belt and Road Initiative the primary agenda animating every aspect of imperial grand strategy today, including accusations of Uyghur genocide?

Additionally, China’s cultural/economic policy towards its dozens of minority groups demonstrate a living proof of principle that large scale economic development designed to end poverty and uplift cultural groups along the way can actually be done while respecting the rights and traditions of those minority groups being positively affected by great projects.

Sitting at the gateway to Central Asia and Europe (and standing in stark contrast to the destructive Anglo-Canadian aboriginal policy of the past 70 years), the Xinjiang Autonomous Region has seen per capita GDP increase 100 -fold between 1978 to 2020, while the dismal 20% school enrollment of children in 1949 has risen to 99.9% today. While citizens living in Xinjiang could expect to live to 30 years on average in 1949, that number has risen to 72 years today and is growing with every passing month.

China’s approach to economic development has created a new model which Canada and other western nations would be wise to follow including a vast de-desertification project involving forestation programs in South Xinjiang which has increased forest space from 15% coverage to 23.5% coverage in 20 years, increasing evapotranspiration leading to cloud coverage and overall cooling in formerly desert zones. The Tarim Basin Water project in the under-developed south Xinjiang has also rejuvenated the vital water source and has boosted agricultural output for the coming generations.

Throughout the Cold War, a major challenge blocking development of Xinjiang has been the lack of interconnectivity between the hundreds of villages which have nearly all been united by a vast network of road and rail with the first high speed rail track being built as I write this, running from Lanzhou-Urumqi totalling 1776 km and running parallel to the electrified Lanxin passenger railway completed in 2014. With the new high-speed route completed, the Lanxin passenger railway will be transformed to freight rail servicing the Eurasian Continental Landbridge with goods flowing 11,000 km from East China to Rotterdam.

Other rail projects now underway in Xinjiang involve the Ruoqiang-Hotan railway which completes a loop circling the Taklamakan desert, and also the 600 km Kashgar to Osh railway from China to Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan. This latter project will provide a vital boost of needed growth to Uzbekistan’s Ferhana Valley which has served as a landing point for Saudi Wahabism since the 1990s, where radicalized jihadis were infused into Pakistan and Afghanistan (and also back into China). A new highway from Kashgar City in Southern Xinjiang to Pakistan is now being finalized as an extended component of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor as well as a new railway cutting through the desert.

Inland ports of Urumqi and IIi bordering Kazakhstan have also been completed with new cities, energy corridors and water projects built up along the way.

Has all of this development come at the cost of the local traditions and cultures of minority groups?

Not at all. Uyghur languages are still taught in schools which now also teach Mandarin as well as civic and law classes along with a vast array of trade schools and cultural centers across Xinjiang. It is also noteworthy that 24,800 venues for religious activities currently exist in Xinjiang, of which 24,400 are mosques, 59 Buddhist temples, 227 protestant churches and 26 catholic churches. Anyone of a Muslim, Buddhist or Christian minority group wishing to practice their faith have no difficulty finding imams, priests and pastors happy to help. Anyone wishing to see a performance of traditional Uyghur dance, music and drama can choose among an array of hundreds of cultural centers and theaters throughout Xinjiang with no difficulty.

If you were to listen only to the National Endowment for Democracy-funded World Uyghur Congress, or the Falun Gong-funded Epoch Times, or the BBC, you would not know about any of this.

The key theme in all of this is that genuine win-win, non-zero sum development is the only viable solution to closed-system geopolitics. As Saudi/Five Eyes sponsored radical Islamic Wahabi groups which once ran rough shod over China’s western border regions is put to an end by a common-sense approach that doesn’t involve bombing Islamic nations to smithereens or droning innocent people to pieces. China has managed to both find a sustainable cure for terrorism without destroying a single nation, while providing a foundation for extending the Belt and Road into the Middle East via Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Turkey and beyond.

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , a BRI Expert on Tactical talk, is regular author with Strategic Culture, the Duran and Fort Russ and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide Foundation . Consider helping this process by making a donation to the RTF or becoming a Patreon supporter to the Canadian Patriot Review.


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One thought

  1. Thank you once again Matthew for digging deeper to dispel one more ‘Canadian’ regime-change distortion, this time over the Uighurs (Turks who are some of my friends) of Xinjiang, China. Everyday we Canadians hear CBC distortions designed to paint, whoever our oligarch masters target for us, as villains, cruel, incapable, argumentative, backward etc. In this case Uighurs who are mostly Muslim & therefore our oligarch ‘enemies’, temporarily become our ‘friends’ in order to fight against China, which is economically outperforming our oligarch multinational masters.
    Its a blessing to hear about China’s 50% replanting increase of Xinjiang from 15% forest cover to 23.5%.
    Trees are the key factor of life’s biological engineering for the conditions of life-on-earth. Cutting down 3-dimensional ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) Polyculture-Orchards for 2-D ‘agriculture’ (L ‘ager’ = ‘field’) was the origin of the Xinjiang as well as all the other deserts on earth. Polyculture photosynthesizes ultraviolet & absorbs infrared at 92-98% of solar energy. Tree roots descend 10s of metres deep into the earth’s substrate pumping-water, mining-minerals & creating deep nutrient colonies into the substrate feeding surface production. Almost total solar ~95% solar absorption creates cold spots which draw the warm-moist ocean winds inland. 60% of moisture transfer is through condensation upon trillions of square kilometres of leaf & bark surface. Only 40% of moisture falls as rain or snow. All told considering these factors & more, 3-D Polyculture orchards as the base economy for human food, materials, energy & water-cycle is ~100 times more productive than 2-D agriculture.
    2-D Agriculture in comparison only photosynthesizes/absorbs 2-8% of solar energy. Ag-roots descend only short centimetres & without significant surface area, leaves condense no humidity. The over 95% solar energy reflected from 2-D agriculture pushes winds from continent towards the sea producing permanent desert. Canada is clueless as to the 2-D disaster its false economy grows from. China is just a little more clued in, having just some of its indigenous heritage of tree-production, collective community values & self-sufficiency intact.
    Of course most don’t realize that; Canada has never been a sovereign country since well before its expensive oligarch-directed genocidal invasion & brutal conquest of 1st Nations. Oligarchs were exporting their economic failure to Canada & elsewhere worldwide. Most settlers being inured to such poverty can’t imagine living a life of abundance in harmony with nature. Once ‘indigenous’ (Latin ‘self-generating’) Celtic & Slavic Europeans were given the opportunity to flee to a supposed ‘free-country’ as refugees from the very same ‘exogenous’ (L ‘other-generated’) oligarch legacy of war & economic-ecological mismanagement & disaster. Unfortunately most Europeans being subservient to oligarchy top-down authority, end up being oligarch agents to impose the same mismanagement & disaster here & abroad.
    The problem with transport mega-projects like the Trans-Canada pipeline or China’s belt & road initiative is ignorance for understanding indigenous individual, community & bio-region’s productive capacities. Once humans get back autonomous distributed fractal control of our societies in harmony with the laws of nature. Once we recapture full-cycle responsibility for our innate resources. Once we get our ‘fecal-matter’ methanized for about 20% of energy needs in storable form, for distributed fertilizer, separated from urine which has its own energy & fertilizer components together along with the 1000s of other concentrated energies abundant in built-environment, then we might connect with other indigenous communities continentally, as First Nations & our indigenous ancestors did systematically, before us. We’ve got more natural gas in our fecal wastes & more energy in our urine than we can ever extract & exploit from the earth as a dead thing. Biodigestion & methanization best practices.

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