Mission Statement

With the latest revelations about the LIBOR scandal which, like so many other international financial scams, originated in the bowels of the British Empire in the City, Canada and the world can no longer tolerate inaction that would most probably lead to global hyperinflation or general war.

Slow death by QE 1-5 and more bailouts in the trans-Atlantic region leading to a worldwide 1923 Weimar-style hyperinflation or instant death through a thermonuclear exchange being instigated by British-steered Obama administration provocations against Russia and China are certainly not survivable policy options.

In the United States, the Executive Intelligence Review, the magazine founded by economist and statesman Lyndon LaRouche, has for 39 years given policymakers around the world weekly strategic news analysis and provided economic policy solutions steeped in the rich heritage of the American System of Political Economy.

In previous times the United States was hailed as a beacon of hope and a temple of liberty for mankind. That characterization was in large measure due to the fact that it’s Declaration of Independence and Constitution were an inspiration for large numbers of oppressed people around the world having the misfortune of living under the yoke of the British Empire.

Unabashedly, The Canadian Patriot and the Committee for the Republic of Canada are advocates of American system economics as exemplified by the school of Alexander Hamilton, Henry Carey, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and today, Lyndon LaRouche.

As a quarterly review, the EIR inspired Canadian Patriot will strive to bring to its Canadian readership the much needed republican viewpoint to news analysis and a defence of the anti-free trade economic policies historically associated with Adam Smith foe Friedrich List, and Henry Carey’s Canadian ally, Isaac Buchanan.

• The Canadian Patriot advocates defending the institution of the sovereign nation-state against the notion of governance now being foisted especially on third-world nations as is the Michael Ignatieff-George Soros associated Right-to-Protect (R2P) policy.

• We are committed to the principle of “the Benefit of the Other” as elaborated in Cardinal Mazarin’s 1648 Treaty of Westphalia establishing the primacy of the sovereign nation-state as the basis of international law and not the Hobbesian doctrine of “each against all” or “divide and conquer”.

• Canada must, in 2013 establish together with key international allies, a Glass-Steagall-type bank reform Act, a productive public credit system to launch 25 year continental-wide North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) project driven by nuclear power with an intention to leap to Thermonuclear fusion as soon as possible.

• We must have government policies which foster breakthroughs in scientific research and classical art forms; a renaissance in science and culture that would allow a flourishing of creative minds across Canada. Our citizens must become active and key players in the next decade promethean efforts of rebuilding the world through great projects of infrastructure across five continents and an augmented Canadian role in Man’s future space-based economy.

Every two months (or sooner if the need arises), as a complement to our national website (www.committeerepubliccanada.ca) the CRC will publish an issue of the Canadian Patriot featuring in depth reports which touch on various aspects of the crisis at hand with the full faith that so long as a competent top-down perspective is adopted and a moral commitment to the General Welfare is alive, solutions will be available to man-made problems.

Use these resources to your full advantage, and discover why Lyndon LaRouche has been right in all of his public forecasts since 1956 while all “expert” forecasters who thought like statistical monetarists failed miserably.