In this interview with Patrick Timpone on One News Network, Matthew Ehret details the historical precedents of the Orwellian paradigm threatening to undermine the nation state system and broader multipolar alliance. Special focus is given to the often overlooked matter of cultural warfare and the new techniques in predictive programming in the field of science fiction innovated by HG Wells which shaped the zeitgeist for over 120 years and continues to shape popular culture and cinema to this day.

Topics Covered:

What are the roots of the Great Reset?

H.G. Wells worked closely with British eugenicists Julian Huxley and Leonard Huxley.

The British Empire’s Round Table Movement was an important tool of Anglo-Saxon globalism.

Phase 2 of World War I was World War 2 — global division for the profiting of corporations and banking institutions.

The British Empire worked for the spreading of pessimism.

Matthew Ehret explains why pessimistic movies like Soylent Green and Planet of the Apes are a product of deliberate global divide-and-conquer pessimism.

Most science fiction movies are dystopian and pessimistic. Matthew Ehret explains why.

He compares dystopian science fiction to that to Jules Verne, who was happy with technology as long as it included morality.

There’s 21st Century hope for Jules Verne science fiction with optimistic movies like The Martian, starring Matt Damon, a film strongly emphasizing survival and innovation.

Almost everything the oligarchs/globalists wanted to achieve has been easier than they thought.

The worst hit for the oligarchs was the election of Donald Trump. He was not one of “The Boys.”

Patrick and Matthew discuss screenwriting and Hollywood.

What does the greening of the economy have do with globalism?

What part has the vaccine played in the Great Reset?

Was COVID a distraction for something that was going to happen anyway?

Was the pandemic a cover-up for the current financial situation?

What was Marshall McLuhan’s contribution to scientific optimism?

Is social media “good” or “bad”?

The oligarchy underestimates the fact that people do have minds and they form grand strategy around the need to incapacitate our power to understand how our minds actually work.


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