In this January 8, 2021 interview, Matthew Ehret discusses world events, coup operations, and the historic methods of oligarchy that have been used for millennia to keep society at war with itself. What are the dynamics shaping the events of January 6 in Washington D.C? How have false dualisms been created to induce a gullible population to believe they have to think in left vs right, top-down vs bottom-up terms and loose sight of the real traditions of the American System of Political Economy? These questions and more are discussed.

The first part of a new trilogy and book discussed in this interview is here:

One thought

  1. Thank you Matthew. My quest is as follows:

    Think critically. Using logic and reason, examine all aspects of an issue or event.
    Ask legitimate questions.
    Search for evidence and the “truth.”

    “The eye sees only what the mind is prepared to comprehend.” (Henri Bergson).

    Thus a fundamental question. If your mind is not prepared to comprehend the “truth”, how will you ever see it?

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