Amidst the multiplying self-contradictions caused by the incompatibility of our perceptions of reality and reality itself, crises on every level (economic, geopolitical, spiritual) are becoming too ugly and painful to ignore anymore. Some of the most pressing questions now being raised by thinking citizens watching the unravelling of their worlds include:

Why are so many highly educated people willing to give up their innate power to think in order to have shadowy experts tell them what is true and how to behave?

Why are so many of our fellow citizens so willing to give up their rights and freedoms to protect themselves from invisible threats like viruses with a 99.9% survival rate or changing climate which used to be called “the weather” having little to do with human activity?

Why are so many people incapable, and unwilling to accept the idea of conspiracy, or intention as an efficient, existent phenomenon in world affairs when such things as “Great Reset” are being spoken allowed by misanthropic billionaires on a daily basis?

If these questions seem perplexing, then don’t feel bad. Our entire civilization has been living under a paradigm that has been designed to compartmentalize human knowledge for many generations (reserving the right to think top down to a small ruling body of social engineers and managers under very specific conditions and constraints).

In this discussion between the Canadian Patriot Review’s Matthew Ehret and members of SOTT’s Mind Matters program, the unifying principle of universal history is explored from various angles as we zero in on the question: what, why and even where is MIND and how do ideas about ideas about mankind and the Creator shape humanity’s historic struggle for freedom?

Matthew Ehret is the Editor-in-Chief of the Canadian Patriot Review , Senior Fellow at the American University in Moscow, BRI Expert on Tactical talk, and has authored 3 volumes of ‘Untold History of Canada’ book series. In 2019 he co-founded the Montreal-based Rising Tide FoundationHe can be reached at

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  1. A few further thoughts. Hello Matthew, I added this to the MindMatters site but wanted you to have it also.

    One of the key teachings in Ertugrul is from Ibn Arabi. After discussing the creation of an axe, he asks Ertugrul about himself, i.e. do you know yourself. After a few other comments he says, “Existence is a school, my son. Everyone is a student.” Is there a better statement of purpose in your life? Consciousness and connection grows (or should grow) through each of our life experiences.

    Matthew introduces your video with him on his website with questions. One of these relates to “conspiracy theory”. It would be a great service to his and your audience to do an examination of “conspiracy theory” as a phrase, its historical context, how it is used by the power brokers and the MSM, and how to disarm it so the audience that still can think frees itself from its influence.

    Imagine this possible scenario broadcast: an opening of the Matrix scene of Morpheus and Neo in the Construct, and repeat it two or more times, or repeat one of Morpheus phrases, like the phrase about nerve impulses in the brain several times. Then play a number of videos from various “expert” leaders that use “conspiracy theory”, President Bush and 9/11, and earlier if there are ones, and the latest of Fauci and Biden. Then play a Star Wars video of Obi Wan mind controlling the storm troopers who are searching for the Droids, and maybe even edit him to say “conspiracy theory” and the storm troopers answer, those are not the Droids we are looking for.

    Then work through a comparison of the meaning of “conspiracy theory”, literal interpretation with examples. Then work through a meaning and context of “conspiracy theory” as it is used in the MSM and by government leaders with examples. Point to the invisible hypnotic trigger effect it appears to have on people keeping them from even asking questions. Then compare that with thinking, researching, analyzing, refining, connecting people, companies, time, and formulating theories and conclusions. (Derreck Broze and Whitney Webb have done good jobs in articles). Then apply it and show it leading to a formulated theory, and how those connections indicate a conspiracy, but maybe use different words like “a plan involving time and multiple participants under high secrecy carried out in coordinated secrecy to accomplish an agenda and manipulate the people”. Note: When the MSM attacked President Trump for working with Russia, they used “collusion”, not conspiracy. Why?

    Then proceed to the beginning of its CIA use to control thought after the JFK assasination. How multiple theories sprang up about the possible perpetrators being Castro, Miami Cubans, Russia, Mafia, etc. And then take it to a higher view, like you are a chess player examining moves through time, and the moves are the Missile crisis, the Kennedy assassination, the Cold War, the Bay of Pigs. Then see part of the moves are also controlling the mass consciousness so that the people believe your narrative of the other moves.

    How do you prevent people from making connections, even very obvious ones like the magic bullet? You need trusting belief in the Supreme Court, FBI, CIA, special commissions, government agencies and leaders, and the MSM. You need confusion or conflict that is created by multiple opposing stories, which blocks making connections. You need to ridicule and demonize any individual who makes connections that are close to the truth. Over the ensuing decades you need to instill the MSM meaning of the “conspiracy theory” in education, entertainment, media so that the mere mention of the phrase influences people to not look, not research, not think, like the storm troopers. In education in particular you want to mold individuals into collective followers who have been taught fragmented knowledge with no connections or erroneous connections (as John Taylor Gatto states).

    How to disarm this phrase that is a weapon of the media, scientific experts and the government against thought and connections? What has been presented above is an exercise toward disarming. In my experience, you turn the phrase against its intent to control you, to have you stop thinking and stop researching. You set an aim that every time an individual uses the phrase, you say “Oh, something is being hidden here”, and examine more closely what is being ridiculed. You research more deeply rather than simply turning your back and walking away. You also have to begin using different phrases or words, rather than “conspiracy theory”, because that stills puts people to sleep even when used by researchers who are making connections.

    Merry Christmas or happy holiday team. I will also post this on Matthew’s site if it allows. I recommend that if you choose to do something like this, that you involve others so that it becomes a community effort, like James Corbett and Derreck Broze and ? If it is possible. Videos can be powerful.

    I followed my own advice and researched DARPA + censorship. Specific programs began in 2019 for social media like twitter.

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