By Paul Glumaz

In the context of the new security measures the Harper government is trying to pass in Canada, Bill C-51, it is important to acknowledge that Canada has a NAZI problem. However, it is not just a Canadian problem. It is a problem that has deep roots in geopolitics and the promotion and use of fascist movements generally for purposes of creating wars, and also terrorizing populations into submission to unpopular draconian economic policies. The first thing that one must understand is that all fascist, or NAZI like movements are created from the top. The recruiting is done from the least educated, and the most psychologically insecure members of the population. Depending on the orientation, various mythologies are used to create synthetic identities, with the all-consuming intoxication of hatred being the substance that binds the fascist group.

The white supremacists hate the immigrants. The environmentalists hate economic development and increasing population. The Ukrainian white race hates the Asian contaminated Russians. The Ukrainian, Polish and Baltic fascists hate Bolshevism and the Jews. The “right wing” Republicans hate the “entitlements” of the poor. The key here is that all fascist movements reject, in principle, the notion that any kind of harmony is possible between different cultures, classes, or peoples. Fascists reject the notion that all human beings have an actual self-interest in working for the common good. The fascist does not identify with the human race as a whole; rather the fascist is most terrified of personally experiencing any emotion of love for the human race.

To provide the fuel to keep the fascist creating process going, real or imagined atrocities are needed. Generating atrocities is the essence of creating fascist like movements. First, by committing atrocities the guilty party becomes possessed of guilt. That guilt trauma becomes the driving force for more atrocities because to deal with the guilt the atrocities have to be justified. In justifying the atrocities, more atrocities are necessary. Second, the trauma for the survivors, or relatives of the victims of atrocities, can as well, becomes the fuel of hatred for further atrocities. Hitler understood this very well. He made the SS an atrocity machine. The modern neo-cons behind the Bush and Obama administration understand this too, and have used drones effectively throughout the Islamic world for this purpose. This is what ISIS in the Middle East is about.

The essential truth of all fascist movements is that those who create and deploy fascist movements do so because they stand to lose their power whenever the human race acts in a concerted way for the common good.

Does Canada have a NAZI problem? Yes it does. First, Canada is the post WWII home for much of the Eastern European collaborators of Hitler’s atrocities in Europe. This was justified by the “cold war” against Communism. These individuals never dealt emotionally with the atrocities they committed for Hitler. They merely transferred their guilt and self-hatred to a hatred of “communism” and then twisted history to make the Soviets and Stalin the bad guy, not Hitler. Today these individuals and their descendants are the phalanx of psychotics being deployed against a Russian nation which has just emerged from being a satrap of Western finance, to being an independent nation. This is especially true in reference to Ukraine. Canada is the home base for support for the worst NAZI atrocity machines that are currently active in Ukraine, like the Right Sector. But it is not just Ukraine, but Poland, the Baltic countries, Romania, and former Yugoslavia. Those with Hitler’s mass murder on their hands all found refuge in Canada after the war. Canada’s support for this over last 70 years since the end of WWII has been very cynical and morally corrupting.

Second, there is a rise around Prime Minister Harper of a fusion of fundamentalist religious networks, who have a very negative view of nature of man, with neo-Conservative ideologies of the type that Dick Cheney in the U.S is identified with. This neo-Conservative ideology is based on individuals like Leo Strauss, an adherent of Hitler’s jurist Carl Schmitt. The essence of Leo Strauss as a philosopher is that there is no morality, no goodness, and that the universe cares nothing for man or humanity, and that all lies are permitted and useful if they serve the interest of the governing power. That sovereignty is not a principle, but rather there are is no sovereignty without power, and that the power inherent in the people’s fear of the State, or the fear of an external enemy, whether real, imagined, or created by the State, is the essence of what gives the State its power. This is Bill C-51.

But if the State exists to terrorize the people, in order to ostensibly benefit the people with ever increasing austerity, the question then becomes why, who, and for what purpose? The who is the financial oligarchy that controls the financial system between Wall Street and the City of London on behalf of an elite oligarchy centered around the European aristocracy of which the British Monarchy is key The final consolidation of the global power of this ‘who’, and the liquidation of nations under their influence into one financial corporate system is pending in the ratification of the proposed Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP.)

What is the purpose of all of this? The purpose is war, and the elimination of resistance from the population to policies which are genocidal in nature. Why? To defeat via all means possible, including possibly nuclear war, the emerging group of nations that are creating a world economic system based on development, not fear. These nations are centered on the BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa) and are being joined by all of South America, most of Asia, and Africa. These nations will not submit to the financial continuation of the colonial system of the 1800’s and early 1900’s. China has become developed enough that it can be the economic engine to bring all these other nations into the new system. All the terrorism, the drug trafficking, the financial warfare, and demonization that is being directed against these nations and their leaders is not going to stop this process.

The Canadian people and the Canadian establishment need to understand that there is a NAZI problem in Canada, and that this problem is going to destroy Canada if it is allowed to continue to grow.