By Matthew Ehret-Kump

Did you know that this offer exists? If not, don’t feel bad. Due to a near total mainstream media blackout over 8 years, most Canadians have no idea either.

I07- LandbridgeThe fact remains that since May 7, 2014, the Chinese government, speaking through the state owned Beijing Times and China Daily has given its support for this century old project which has the power to transform international relations and redefine economic value forever. Many North Americans will be surprised to discover that this project was first proposed by Russia in August 2007, but now that China has thrown its support behind the proposition, the project for building the 200 km tunnel across the Bering Strait connection of Russia and Alaska can no longer be ignored. As engineering consultant Hal Cooper has stated on May 14: “After this announcement by the Chinese, [the project] will never be suppressed. It’s never going to be swept back under the rug again”.

As of this writing on January 23 2015, the Chinese and Russian governments have begun their component of the proposed Beijing-Moscow-Alaska-Canada rail corridor with a $242 billion 7000 km high speed line which will be completed in 8 years connecting the capitals of Russia and China through Kazakhstan cutting a 5 day journey into a mere 30 hours.

Avoiding War and Economic Collapse

Now that the world financial system sits atop a $1.5 Quadrillion derivatives bubble that is ripe to collapse, and war with Russia and China move ever closer to reality, such creative propositions announced by the China Daily May 14  “China-Russia-US Bering Strait Railroad Plan Feasible” (1) are absolutely vital. Don’t think that we are exaggerating, as even former Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev joined a growing chorus of leading analysts and statesmen concerned that US-NATO aggression against Russia could lead to a world war, by stating bluntly in a January 9 interview with Der Spiegel that “a war of this kind would unavoidably lead to a nuclear war… We won’t survive the coming years if someone loses their nerve in this overheated situation. This is not something I’m saying thoughtlessly. I am extremely concerned.”

Gorbachev’s warnings have amplified those of Lyndon LaRouche, who had formerly been the lone western voice warning since the 2011 destruction of Libya that wars with Syria, Iran and now Ukraine were being manipulated to break up Russia and China by the Anglo Dutch financial oligarchy whose control over the Trans-Atlantic economic system is collapsing faster than you can say “bail-in”.

The expansion of NATO military systems, including ABMs and nuclear attack capabilities around both Russia and China are direct effects of this policy of confrontation risking thermonuclear war.(3)

Thumb- nuclear_missile_encirclement_of_russia_and_china

The Bering Strait project has the effect of ending this confrontationalism, creating friendships through mutually working towards the common aims of mankind. The fact that China and Russia are not only building this project already, but have made numerous offers for the western governments to join in a common effort for mutual development clearly demonstrates that the anti China-Russia narrative promoted in western main stream press is more than a lie. Since July of 2014, the BRICS nations have led in the creation of a dynamic series of mechanisms founded upon a new development strategy for mankind beginning with the New Development Bank, the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, the Shanghai Cooperation Bank and the New Silk Road Fund. All of which are inclusive for European and American participation… not exclusive.

The Trans Pacific Partnership is for suckers

In opposition to the current proposals by China and Russia for ending speculation, and re-establishing a sane system of economic practice driven by long term scientific and technological projects of which the Bering Strait proposal is but one component, is the evil scam known as the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP). Such NAFTA-modeled projects are merely more of the globalized poison that led to the economic meltdown which erupted in 2008. The TPP, just like the secretiveA08- Dief and arctic CETA (Canada-European Trade Agreement), not only threatens to continue to destroy national sovereignty, giving ever greater control of nation states to private cartels, but also isolates China from its Pacific trading partners.

The Bering Strait Rail Tunnel not only gives Canada the opportunity break out of this process of British geopolitics, but also allows us to re-build former industrial cities that have been ravaged by decades of globalized outsourcing while building new permanent cities in turn. The unfulfilled dream of such visionaries as W.A.C. Bennett who fought to connect Canada with Alaska by rail and John Diefenbaker who attempted to build the Northern Vision will be finally permitted to blossom once again and Canada’s true heritage as a pioneering country allied in a common destiny with our neighbours can be re-awoken (4).

National Banking and Glass-Steagall

The greatest benefit of building the Bering Strait and its associated policy of nation building is that Canada will need to 6-b-big 6 derivatives seperatereturn to a sane system of economic value based on future productivity, not “market-driven” ventures into derivatives (Canada’s big 6 banks are infested with over $23 trillion of derivatives which are all waiting to go up in hyperinflationary smoke soon). Similarly, the colonial “resource exploitation” policy dominant in Canada since NAFTA must also come to an end.

Indeed, the only way that such a systemic change could occur, would be for the two fold restoration of 1) Glass-Steagall (known in Canada as the “Four Pillars“) to separate commercial banking assets fully from high risk banking assets such as derivatives and 2) the National Bank of Canada’s rechartering as an issuer of productive credit for the provinces and federal government.

A New Economy

A third complementary policy must be also considered which relates to an international nature as well. This 3rd element is most vital and is known as the New Bretton Woods fixed exchange rate system which the governments of Russia and China have already expressed much interest in revisiting in the face of the current collapse. While gold may or may not be a reserve for a new Bretton Woods system, it is necessary that the discoveries in economic science of “increasing energy flux density” be understood as the new metric of determining value.

8-d-anti entropy cones

The science of Physical Economy was first developed by American statesman Lyndon LaRouche, and is distinct from all monetarist-statistical economic theories in that LaRouche’s system does not assume that all monetary claims within a system are equally valuable as the monetarist foolishly does who does not care whether said claims are tied to nation-destroying hedge fund gambling, whore houses or productive steel mills. Reality is far different from the world which Wall Street and Bay Street speculators believe they live in.

Real economics is based neither on “monetary values” or “carbon footprints” but rather on the successful reproduction of society into the deepest future possible. It is only in this pursuit of true progress that increases in prosperity of every nation and every individual can occur. Such increases are measured in terms of increasing rates of productive powers of labour per capita and per square kilometer requiring ever greater densities of scientific creative breakthroughs in time. This is a pre-requirement for survival which empires have yearned to crush since ancient Rome because such a society would not tolerate the fixed system of zero change demanded by empire and expressed most venomously by Prince Philip’s Green agenda for depopulation and war (5).

Only the Bering Strait offers all of the preconditions for war avoidance, green suicide and nation building with the necessary effect of increasing the energy flux density of the society as a whole.

End notes




(4)     The full story of Diefenbaker and Bennett’s fight can be found in the Canadian Patriot #4, Jan. 2013 on

(5) If you are surprised by the claim that the Green policy is rooted in a scheme for depopulation, don’t be. Calmly go to this and reflect upon the implications of the proofs presented therein.