This is a presentation by Christine Corey from the CRC Montreal Symposium, June 5, 2016. It is a class on Friedrich Schiller’s paper on “Kalias, Or on the Beautiful”.

We hall have something that comes to mind when we think of what is Beauty, and that this will differ from what others consider to be Beauty, but is there a uniting theme?

Everyone seeks out Beauty. But if we cannot explain why we think something is beautiful past how it makes us feel, it is a troubling thought, that we seek out what we do not know we seek. And cannot it not also be said that we are thus not truly free in our actions if we do not understand what motivates them?

The intention of this class is not to set a rigid standard to what should be perceived as beautiful or artful, and reject everything else, but rather the intention is to give us an ability to think about why we are attracted to something and therefore to give us a capability of then deciding whether we should continue to be attracted to or not by such a thing, and it is through this ability to choose that we obtain true freedom, not freedom to experience anything and everything but a freedom to choose what we are drawn to and ultimately motivated by.

Another intention of this class is to also beg the question, “Is there a purpose to which we seek out the beautiful?”. This is a very provocative question, because if there is a purpose for why we seek out Beauty, this signifies that Beauty can ultimately be understood by reason.

This class will explore these questions using Schiller’s hypothesis of Beauty in his paper on Kalias.
The full cadre school schedule with links is here:

Introduction Panel (10:30-12:15)
10:30-11 Pim Sanders Introduction and geopolitical briefing (
11-12:15 Meagan Beets “The Promethean nature of mankind and LaRouche’s discovery” (

12:15-1 Lunch break

Science Panel (1-3:15)
1-2:15 Matthew Ehret-Kump “Why the Fear of Radiation is Deadly” (
2:15-3:15 Bob Hux “Climate change and the galactic weather system” (pending)

3:15-3:30 Break

Culture Panel (3:30-6:30)
3:30-5 Fred Haight “Dvorjak’s Fight to Save the Soul of America” (
5-6:30 Christine Corey “What is Beautiful Art and Is there a Purpose to Which we Seek it out?” (