In light of the recent Ottawa attacks on October 23, facts bearing upon the organizational support of terrorist acts at home and abroad must be raised which may put the current official story of a “lone Muslim extremist” into question.

Not only are CSIS’s powers increasing as an effect of this tragedy, with new legislation being passed to allow for a greater integration of CSIS into the Five Eyes, but also the use of “secret testimonials by secret accusators” in national security trials wherein neither judges nor lawyers would be permitted any knowledge. The actual top down organizational structure of the British Empire’s fingers in Canada have begun to show themselves in very odd ways.

One of those ways involves a quick look at Susan Bibeau, the mother of the “lone gunman” Michael Zihaf-Bibeau, who was shot dead on Wednesday after shooting up the Parliament and killing one soldier. What makes Susan Bibeau stand out is her role as Deputy Chair of Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) making her one of the most senior civil servants in Canada and in a strategic position to monitor and control the influx of immigrants of all stripes in Canada. Susan Bibeau’s former position as head of the Strategic Planning and Partnership Directorat (SPPD) also puts her in bed with the highest powers of the Privy Council and Treasury Secretary which manage Canada’s vast bureaucratic shadow government.

The SPPD is designed to control and manage the RCMP’s governance structure, “and provides executive secretariat services to senior decision making bodies. The SPPD is the “central contact point of the Treasury Board Secretariat, and Privy Council Office”.

Separating the Treasury Board Secretariat and the Privy Council Office as the SPPD did in their website is a bit of an fallacy, as both exist as one integrated machine of the Privy Council Office.

The Treasury Board itself is a Privy Council body that was created in 1967 on the recommendations of the Chatham House Canada’s Glassco Commission (1960-62) to re-organize the government in order to ensure that nothing like the nation building strategy of C.D. Howe, or John Diefenbaker would ever happen again [1]. The board’s official website describes itself as “more powerful than cabinet committees as it is responsible for “financial personal and administrative management, comptrollership, approving regulations, and most orders in council”.

This puts Mrs. Bibeau in direct contact with the upper echelons of the Privy Council Office’s management of the Canadian bureaucracy and intelligence services. We are not drawing conclusions, however we must be sensitive to these basic bizarre facts which should be taken into consideration if the true causes are to be adduced in regards to past and future acts of terror in Canada and beyond.

The SPPD’s role in managing the RCMP should also send alarm bells, since the RCMP are not exactly the Dudley Do Rights which the popular narrative has painted. This fact was better understood during the 1960s when the FLQ terror activities were so rampant that Canada as a whole was put under marshal law under Fabian Society cybernetics fanatic Pierre Trudeau in October 1970 [2]. The fact was that major press agencies like Le Devoire, and La Presse covered the role of the RCMP in controlling major functions of the terrorist separatist group Front Liberation Quebec (FLQ) resulted in a mountain of scandals from bribery, extortion, theft of weapons, to impersonating terrorists that made the RCMP effectively useless to the British empire [3].

It was this dynamic of scandal that resulted in the Privy Council’s reorganization of Canadian Intelligence services to create the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) under former Privy Council Clerk Michael Pitfield (aka: Trudeau’s Byzantine shadow) in 1983-84. The Privy Council Clerk is the pre-eminent civil servant in Canada who is one of the few figures in a position to observe the compartmentalized whole that is Canada’s government as a unity.

It was this organization known as CSIS that took over the intelligence and dirty police state functions of the RCMP. It was CSIS that continued the RCMP’s worst traditions of terrorist protection as it was caught destroying evidence and wiretaps of Sikh terrorists pertaining to the Air India bombing of 1984. For this act, CSIS was absolved of its sins in 2005 by the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) which is a body of the Privy Council! It was also this organization that was revealed to have co-founded the white supremacist Heritage Front in 1988, and continued  to finance it with tax payer funds using CSIS agent Grant Bristol as the conduit and Heritage Front controller until at least 1994.

Mrs. Bibeau’s former husband, and father of Michael Zihaf-Bibeau is another strange character named Bulgasem Zehaf, a Montreal businessman and radicalized Libyan nationalist who fought in the Al Qaeda-infested jihadist groups who overthrew Muamar Qadaffi in 2011.

For a woman of such power and oversight over all immigration in Canada, it is more than incredible that the two closest men in her life played roles in terrorist acts that have been used to advance the British Empire’s control.

A Series of Uncomfortable Questions

It seems that the evidence is forcing us to pose the questions: Is the Canadian Intelligence Service (SPPD, RCMP and CSIS), which are in charge of defending the public safety, actively engaged in advancing the greatest harm to the public safety?

What are the means of genocide that are being prepared by the Canadian Privy Council of the Queen? Do these means include the sacrifice of one’s own people? The best way to get suspicion away from yourself and create an atmosphere of terror is to kill your own people. This is what Bush did to his own people with 9/11. This is what the Ukrainian government intends to do their own and blame the Russians for it. Is this what the Canadian Privy Council is intending to do with Canadians?

A thorough investigation into these networks must be made now if the public safety will ever be ensured.


[1] While enemies politically, both C.D. Howe, and John Diefenbaker were united in a common commitment to true nation building using the best that scientific and technological progress could achieve. Most importantly, both men were committed to using the vast central power of the Bank of Canada in order to drive the great infrastructure and science projects that would guide the Canadian culture and economy towards ever greater heights of power.  This battle to use the national bank for a the greatest economic revolution in Canadian history was sabotaged when Diefenbaker battled against BofC Governor and Rhodes Scholar James Coyne, who refused to allow Diefenbaker to turn the Bank and maturing WW2 victory bonds into development credits to build the Northern Vision. Agencies of London’s Chatham House, operating through its Canadian branch the Canadian Institute for International Affairs (CIIA) such as Walter Gordon, Vincent Massey and J. Grant Glassco were deployed to break this potential for true nationalism from ever emerging again

[2] Speaking of his love for Cybernetics and systems analysis at a Harrison, Ontario Liberal Conference on November 21, 1969, Trudeau said:

“We are aware that the many techniques of cybernetics, by transforming the control function and the manipulation of information, will transform our whole society. With this knowledge, we are wide awake, alert, capable of action; no longer are we blind, inert powers of fate.”

[3] Author Richard Cleroux in his 1990 book Official Secrets: The Story Behind CSIS” revealed in thorough detail the RCMPs creation of FLQ cells, stealing explosives, extortion, bribary, consorting with mob bosses such as Mitchell Bronfman, and threats. Many of these stories relating to the RCMP’s relationship to the FLQ is relayed in somewhat Delphic fashion in Pierre Vallières` 1977 book l’Execution de Pierre Laporte, les dessous de operation Essai [editions Quebec-Ameriques).





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