By Jonathon Ludwig

As the British Empire’s Malthusian agenda of for global depopulation advances, applying those weapons that Thomas Malthus (1766-1834) himself referred to war, disease/illness and starvation as positives check on population on population growth, a decision must be made by nations trapped within the collapsing Trans Atlantic system: Do we hold onto this dying system of bailouts, speculation, monetarism where mankind is nothing more than a beast? Or do we act quickly to pass Glass-Steagall and join the new BRICS system outlined by Lyndon LaRouche?

As the point of decision nears, it is time to look at an expression of the depopulation agenda which being made visible in the policy commitment and background of none other than Quebec’s new Premier, Philippe Couillard.

The Saudi-British Connection

The professional neurosurgeon who heads up the powerful majority Liberal government of Quebec has a bio that should make alarm bells go off for any sane citizen.

An important article began to be circulated soon after Couillard’s election as Premier of Quebec called “Le Project Ambivalent de Philippe Couillard” [1] presented on a french website called In this article a strong paradoxical question was raised:

Why would a man who serves as a leading member the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) which is designed to be the watch dog agency of Canada’s Spy agency (The Canadian Security Intelligence Service- CSIS) in charge of protecting Canada from terrorist threats also be working as an advisor to the Saudi Government, which is the world’s leading financier of terrorism?

Couillard’s nomination to the five person Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC) by Stephen Harper in 2010 occurred while it was known that he still served on the international advisory board of Saudi Health Minister, Prince Abdullah bin Abdul Aziz Al-Rabeea, a post which he apparently holds still to this day. Couillard himself was brought to Saudi Arabia in 1992 to work for the Prince under the ministry of health and set run the neuroscience department.

A key component in the appointment to SIRC involved Couillard’s being sworn into the Queen’s Privy Council of Canada (as do all members of that body) putting Couillard into one of the most powerful positions overseeing the emerging surveillance state that Canada is quickly becoming.

The Privy Council (and Privy Council Office more broadly) is the central nervous system controlling the entire administrative, security, defence and financial centers of Canada, and this fact must be recognized for the full implications of Philippe Couillard’s role in Quebec to be fully recognized.

Couillard and Canada 2020

In 2011, Canada 2020 published their first policy document The Canada We Want in 2020, laying out five areas of reform of government using a systems analysis foundation. This Delphic document was meant to mimic components of American System (primarily state direction of the economy), while promoting the green deconstruction of civilization. Couillard was commissioned to co-write the section on Healthcare reform alongside two systems analysis experts.

Canada 2020 (as was documented in earlier editions of the Canadian Patriot [2]), was established as a Privy Council-run think tank in 2006 and was designed to bring a systemic overhaul to Canadian bureaucracy and culture making it even more technocratic than it already is on the one side, while elevating the false perception of democracy to the maximum on the other.

This is the conduit that selected and controls federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau and his team of technocrats now vying for control in 2015.

Kill Useless Eaters

Is it any surprise that ever since Couillard has taken majority power in Quebec, he has committed to not only “balance the budget” within the next fiscal year, but has also rammed into law a Liberal version of the PQ-sponsored euthanasia Bill 52 which became active as of May 2014? This makes Quebec the first province to legalize euthanasia under a framework of austerity and cost-effectiveness. [3]

The fixation on cost effectiveness and austerity was again witnessed with the introduction of Bill 3 which seeks to slash more deeply into city worker pensions than any measure ever passed in Canadian history. His current initiative of Bill 10 proposes to centralize more control than ever into the hands of the Minister of Health while cutting services and healthcare outlets drastically with the promise of saving over $200 million.

Now Couillard promises that the Quebec healthcare system will not be radically changed or privatized to any greater degree than it already is. However is this true?

Not at all. Couillard demonstrated his penchant for privatized healthcare (his first job as of retiring from Minister of Health in 2008 when he became a partner in the private investment firm Persistence Capital Partners which exists entirely to promote privatized healthcare).

When this outlook is added to his slashing of the into the income of retired citizens via Bill 3, making it impossible to afford expensive medical procedures and the conclusion becomes chilllingly clear. Couillard is advancing a useless eaters policy no different in principle than that formula adopted under Nazi Germany. For any elderly citizen too sick to survive Quebec`s infamous public healthcare sector waiting lists and too poor to afford private treatment, euthanasia will be there to take away your pain.

Privy Councillors Couillard and the Privy Council-run Federal Liberals of Justin Trudeau have made healthcare reform their primary objective. At the 2014 Federal Liberal Convention in Montreal, delegates voted overwhelmingly to support euthanasia. With centralized super hospitals now being constructed in Quebec, euthanasia laws being pushed both provincially and federally, and federal health transfer payments drying up as of 2014, it is becoming apparent that the method which the oligarchy intends to deal with the “demographic time bomb” of retiring baby boomers isn’t by encouraging real wealth creation, but rather genocide.

Intellectual father of the Fabian Society H.G. Wells wrote in his 1930 New World Order:

“It is the system of nationalist individualism that has to go… We are living in the end of the sovereign states… In the great struggle to evoke a westernized World Socialism, contemporary governments may vanish….Countless people…will hate the new world order….and will die protesting against it.”

Calling for universal fascism, Wells stated in a 1932 Oxford speech: “I am asking for liberal fascisti, for enlightened Nazis”.

When faced with the facts shaping your reality, and liberal Nazis appearing on the stage of history, perhaps much closer to your home than you would have ever imagined, the question arises: how will you respond?