Trudeau and Harper United in smoke
Trudeau and Harper promote a market high

By Matthew Ehret-Kump

Since Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau’s July 25, 2013 announcement of his support for marijuana decriminalization, and his admissions to have smoked the drug on several occasions, the Canadian mass media have increasingly conditioned the population to assume that legalization is a determinant factor in any politician’s aspirations to remain in high elected office. After highly publicized approval ratings for Trudeau were spread across the press as an effect of his drug use, various officials such as Toronto mayor Rob Ford, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne, Nova Scotia Liberal Premier Darrel Dexter have all been found jumping on the drug bandwagon exclaiming that they too have gotten high.

While the ruling Conservative government of Stephen Harper has maintained a critical stance against the Liberals on this issue, the fight is little more than a veneer, as witnessed by the fact that October 1, 2013 marks the date of a major structural reform in Canada’s medical marijuana policy and vast expansion of weed production countrywide.

The reality is that the Conservative and Liberal drug platforms are united in one single agenda. That agenda is a brave new world and has nothing to do with medicine, but is purely imperial. The intention of the ruling Anglo-Dutch oligarchy has always been to dumb down the population and make a huge profit in the process, while opening the door to the legalization of a full spectrum of mind altering drugs. Key players in this operation continue to involve leading members of the Bronfman dynasty one of whom will play a key role in the control of Justin Trudeau who is slatted to take over the role of Prime Minister of Canada in 2014.

Harper’s Free Market Weed: The Gateway to Full Legalization

Beginning on Oct. 1, Health Canada will begin to remove the rights of small-scale private growers (of which 4200 have received licenses since legalized medical marijuana production became law in 2001), and implement a new regime based upon the standardization of weed production under a few highly centralized mass private grow operations. The phase out of the old system will be completed by March 31, 2014. The period of 2001-2013 that permitted for small grow ops to flourish are thus demonstrated to have been merely a necessary path towards full mass cartelization of weed production in the journey towards full legalization.

To stimulate “innovation” in the drug industry, the Conservative government has also announced that with new RCMP-certified, centralized mass grow ops and associated distribution centers, prices will now be floated to the free market. While the current system involved a single marijuana strain, the new competitive market system promises to encourage upwards of 30 “brands” and new customized strains to meet so-called greater demand from an ageing baby boomer population.

Weeding out the Liberals.

One very revealing conflict of interest in this story finds itself in the person of Chuck Rifici, Senior policy advisor to Justin Trudeau, Chief Financial Officer and director of the Liberal Party of Canada who also acts as President and CEO of Tweed Inc., one of the newest Marijuana mass production/distribution private start-ups seeking government contracts.

Tweed Inc. has just purchased a major chunk of a former Hershey chocolate factory in Smith Falls Ontario, which had closed down in 2008 ravaging the small town’s work force. Smith Falls is being used to fuel propaganda across the Canadian press, which is selling such new mass grow ops as job creating machines which will breath new smoke filled life into small former industrial towns destroyed by globalization. It should come as no surprise that Rifici is joined by Stephen Bronfman as senior advisor and head fundraiser to Justin Trudeau. The Bronfman family, as anyone who has read the Executive Intelligence Review’s Dope Inc. 1978 expose of the British Empire’s international drug empire, represents a family dynasty rooted in the darkest activities of narcotics dealing and legalization.

A Half Baked Plan

The full phase out of old system is scheduled to be completed by March 31, 2014. Current medical marijuana users amount to 37 400, and Health Canada predicts that number to increase to 450 000 in ten years as baby boomers retire and medical resources continue to be cut due to austerity. In this projection, venture capitalists such as Tweed Inc promise to rake in $1.3 billion/year of profits. If legalization is permitted to occur within this period of time, then the users and associated profits can be expected to be magnitudes higher than the above estimates.

While many a disillusioned small grower sit in a confused daze pained by the fact that they will now have to pay more ($10 per gram as markets demand rather than the currently regulated $5), while losing the “autonomy” for their “product” to new corporate bodies, the reality of the oligarchy’s intention is now revealed. The British Empire’s policy was never to provide “medical” weed to alleviate suffering in cancer patients, as this was but a pretext to get fried hippies and their progeny to accept a program that is designed to kill them. The true intention has been to create a legal framework of private mass production of the drug to drain the mental powers and concentration span of a victim population slated to be tormented and culled under the conditions of economic meltdown and fascism.

The farming out of those powers to vast private companies under the controlling influence of the City of London has always been the intention ever since the Chinese Opium Wars, and the Conservative reform is the next step which the oligarchy hopes to fulfill with the emergence of their new toy Justin Trudeau.