Harper receives "world's greatest statesman" award from CFR members Henry Kissinger and Rabbi Schneider
Harper receives “world’s greatest statesman” award from CFR members Henry Kissinger and Rabbi Schneider

By Jonathon Ludwig

On Sept 24-26, during the week of the UN General Assembly’s opening, Stephen Harper will be found in New York. While 1) New York is the location of the United Nations, 2) this venue has been created for heads of state to speak to the world, and 3) the world has only scarcely missed a world war as of a week ago, Harper has announced that he will not participate. Relations between Harper and the UN have been strained since his September 2010 rejection by pro nation-state forces at the United Nations who blocked Canada’s participation as a member on the influential UN Security Council.

Since then,on key foreign policy matters, Harper has systematically taken provocative stances, positions that could never create an opening for peace negotiations or a peace settlement down the road. Canadian foreign policy on Syria, Iran or even Russia for that matter, has been such that it could have been written by the upper echelons at Whitehall. Harper has become the soft-spoken Canadian version of Tony Blair! Harper’s antagonism towards the United Nations Security Council System is due primarily to the fact that it is still based upon the principle of National Sovereignty as outlined in its 1945 charter, giving nations like Russia and China the power to block the imperial plans for military campaigns against Syria.

Instead of participating in the General Assembly, Harper will be attending a meeting of the Canadian-American Business Council, which bills itself as a “Non-profit” think tank founded in 1987 to advance the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and promote deregulation. Filled with members who are on record for their advocacy of Global Governance, the agency’s true agenda is the dismantling of nation states. Its current policy initiatives include the promotion of the Trans Pacific Partnership, Beyond the Border (BTB) and Regulatory Cooperation Council (RCC). BTB and RCC were launched by Harper and Obama in 2011, while the TPP was launched in 2012 although has not yet been finalized. During a November 2012 presentation to the CABC, Harper announced: “With President Obama, we are really embarked on an unprecedented exercise, the Beyond the Border Initiative and also the Regulatory Cooperation Council. An unprecedented effort at FURTHER INTEGRATION and the THINNING of the border”.  On their website, the CABC describe themselves in the following terms:

“The CABC is a champion of free trade and has consistently opposed protectionist efforts that emerged from time to time on both sides of the Canada/US border”.

The CABC works in partnership with the Canada2020 think tank which is now preparing to impose a systemic overhaul of Canadian policy making by the year 2020 in accordance with the demands for a post-Westphalian world government as promoted by Tony Blair.

Stephen Harper: Greatest Statesman of the World?

It seems that the snubbing of the General Assembly in favour of catering to imperial think tanks has become a September tradition for Mr. Harper.

It was after all, one year ago that Harper last snubbed the UN Assembly in order to participate in a bizarre ceremony held in his honour by the New York-based “Appeal to Conscience Foundation” (ACF). The ACF is an inter-faith organization promoting the “globalization” of religions, and is run by Rabbi Arthur Schneider, who is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). The CFR is the American branch of the London-based Royal Institute for International Affairs (aka: Chatham House). Since its founding in 1919, Chatham House has been a key coordinating body for international shadow government policy under the Anglo-Dutch system with outlets in various victim nations following top down instructions from London and Holland[1].

What made this ceremony so bizarre was that Harper’s participation involved his receiving an award for being “the World’s Greatest Statesman” in the same month that he unceremoniously shut down the Iranian embassy and cut off all diplomatic ties with Iran while the world was on the brink of a pre-emptive war. This occurred mere months after shutting down the Syrian embassy of Ottawa, and Canada’s aggressive role in promoting a “no fly zone” over Libya and massive military support in that illegal war in 2011.

So the question remains: Why would such a man, opposed in action to all normal behaviour that a statesman should have, be the recipient of the “World’s Greatest Statesman” Award?

To get a better sense of the hypocrisy of this exercise in propaganda, one would have been struck by the role of Henry Kissinger in bestowing this prized award upon the Prime Minister. Kissinger, himself also a member of the CFR alongside Rabbi Schneider, also received the World’s Best Statesman Award in 1999. Perhaps it was his role in supporting the bloody regime in Cambodia in 1970, his population reduction National Security Memorandum NSSM 200, or his coordinating role in installing Pinochet in power in Chile in 1973? Either way, Kissinger had long since demonstrated himself a British pawn, when in a May 10, 1982 Chatham House address, he announced that during his time as Secretary of State under Nixon, he had spent far more time briefing British Intelligence rather than American Intelligence:

“In my White House incarnation then, I kept the British Foreign Office better informed and more closely engaged than I did the American State Department.”[2]

Rabbi Schneider himself is known to collaborate with the Saudi Monarchy, the agency which has led in the most aggressive financing of terrorism, and Islamic extremism for decades. It was in 2008 that Schneider gave a keynote address to an Interfaith Conference hosted by King Abdullah in Spain.

Harper in 2012: Iran Must Be Destroyed

Extracts from Harper’s acceptance speech reveal that beneath the empty image of “polite Canadian peacemaker”, Harper revealed that he was cut from the same cloth as Kissinger when he gushingly began his speech extolling his admiration on Kissinger since a young age: I have to say Dr. Kissinger, I am of course aware not only of your immense contributions to your country and international relations, but I have long been an admirer. I have to tell you, I have been an admirer indeed since before I was old enough to vote.”

Continuing onto his speech, Harper amplified a vicious tirade into Iran as the foremost “clear and present danger” for the world. Harper went on to speak of Iran’s “appalling record of human rights abuse or its active assistance to the brutal regime in Syria, or its undeniable support for terrorist entities, or its continued denial of diplomatic rights, or its pursuit of nuclear weapons, rather it is the combination of all these things with a truly malevolent ideology that should concern us. I believe that the appeal of our conscience requires us to speak out against what the Iranian regime stands for.”

Harper’s promotion of the same imperial fear-mongering lies that he touted in 2002 in preparation for Canada’s role in the Iraq war can still be heard[3].

The Strategic Situation Now

The real issue lurking behind Harper’s shenanigans of 2012 and 2013 is the fact that the Anglo-Dutch Imperial system is now collapsing. The various nests of imperialists influencing Harper are now reacting to the intervention by Putin which has released much of the tension built up around the agenda for pre-emptive attacks on Iran and R2P- inspired regime change in Syria. While the danger of a “new 9-11” styled false flag is still an open possibility, and various methods still remain to sabotage the Russian-led diplomatic solution to the so-called Syrian chemical weapons crisis, new possible roadmaps are being designed by the Anglo-Dutch Empire to sabotage the Russia-China alliance, as exemplified by the recent Shanghai Cooperation Organization meeting which discussed plans for a New Silk Road of infrastructure building and consolidation of nation-states along a modern Eurasian Landbridge.

Canada under Harper has forsaken this unique window of opportunity to work towards a policy of “peace through development” and instead has joined the Anglo-Dutch-Obama war faction which is steamrolling ahead with a full integration of a North American Union-modelled on the European Union which has so destroyed the national economies and peoples of Europe. The consolidation of this integration under NAFTA-plus, runs in tandem with Canada’s leading role in uniting the continents of Europe and North American under the Canadian European Trade Agreement (CETA). The implementation of the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) also under secretive negotiations is also intended to trap Pacific economies including South America and Asia under the British Empire’s web while at the same time isolating China which is not playing the into the imperial game and thus not a part of the TPP.

Harper’s assigned role as Privy Councillor to her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, has been to advance this global governance agenda on the one hand, while playing the complex role of seducing China to fuller integration of Canada. This fragile maneuvering is aimed at maintaining momentary isolation of China from its potential allies in development in Asia and the Americas such that China must become sufficiently dependent upon Canada’s natural gas and oil resources for its existence, at which point the taps may be closed and the slow genocide can be imposed by the British controllers of Canada. The nature of the game is leverage. Right now China and its Russian allies have won bargaining leverage against the empire, but the Empire seeks to win back that leverage with China’s addiction to the Canadian honey pot.

The Canada-China Free Trade Agreement and the aggressive role played by Maurice Strong, the Canadian Council for Chief Executives’ John Manley and Paul Desmarais’s Power Corporation in binding this secretive free trade/resources deal is part  of this scheme.  Both Strong, Manley and Desmarais sit on the Queen’s Privy Council alongside Harper. All of these figures have led in the implementation of both NAFTA 2.0, the TPP and Canada-China Trade Agreement.

The Anglo-Dutch Empire is desperate enough to soon decide to cut its losses and pull the plug on its own monetarist-financial empire! They would thus cancel all their obligations to federal, state and local governments. That is better for them than an FDR-inspired global Glass-Steagall law which instead bankrupts ‘the City’ and Wall Street.

The Empire knows that Canada’s adaption to the pro-development orientation of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization may not only lead to a Glass-Steagall reform of the financial system before the collapse strikes, but also a new era in cooperation and a renewal of national sovereignty. The question now is: Knowing Harper’s role in the Empire’s Great Game, will Canadian Patriots and policy makers fight to apply a Canadian Glass-Steagall, and unleash productive credit towards the construction of such programs as NAWAPA XXI, and the Bering Strait rail tunnel for Arctic development, or will we continue to be pawns in genocide?

[1] Canada’s branch was founded in 1929 as the Canadian Institute for International Affairs and was renamed the Canadian International Council in 2009.

[2] See Scott Thompson, Confessions of a British Agent, Executive Intelligence Review, vol. 22, no. 38 1995 at http://www.larouchepub.com/eiw/public/1995/eirv22n38-19950922/eirv22n38-19950922_033-confessions_of_a_british_agent.pdf

[3] Although as leader of the Alliance opposition Party, Harper promoted the lie that Iraq had a “nuclear bomb” and other “weapons of mass destruction”, leading figures within the Canadian establishment resisted the pull to war at that time. For Harper’s full speech promoting the 2002 Iraq war, see: http://mikewatkins.ca/2005/12/04/harper-would-have-sent-canada-to-war-with-iraq/