By Matthew Ehret-Kump

Several months ago, the world watched as French presidential candidate Jacques Cheminade was being targeted by a barrage of media slanders due to his association with the “crazy conspiracy theorist Lyndon LaRouche”, more specifically with the slander that claims that “LaRouche says the Queen runs drugs”! “Surely, LaRouche and Cheminade must be mad” charged the media.

Mere days after this coordinated barrage of French and British press slanders appeared, did they abruptly cease. The reason for their short lifespan is to be found in a major press scandal that broke on April 12, 2012.

It was revealed that Coutts & Co, the Queen’s personal bank, had been sentenced by a British Court of Justice to pay a fine of 8.75 million pounds[1] for having been found guilty of laundering large amounts of drug money over many years. The fine imposed was the largest fine for such a crime in British history.

That 17th century private banking institution had recently been absorbed by Royal Bank of Scotland, who before the British nationalization of 2009 had been the flagship bank in Jacob Rothschild infamous Inter-Alpha Group of Banks. To the terror of the international oligarchy and their attack dogs in the media, the fact had to be admitted finally “LaRouche and Cheminade were right”!

This was not, however, a merely unfortunate case of sloppy oversight from an otherwise respectable bank which caters to the rich and powerful of England. It was a crack which revealed the essence of a world monetary empire which has run the international drug trade top down since the infamous Opium wars of the 19th century.

The proof of this fact has erupted for all the public to see merely 3 months later, as U.S. Senator Carl Levin has taken the lead in a criminal investigation against Hong Shang Bank of Commerce (HSBC) after having published a government study called “Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs, Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations on US Money Laundering/ Terrorist Financing Vulnerabilities”[2].

Just to put this explosive revelation into a bit of context, in the interim three months between April and July of 2012, much had occurred. In May, the fascist European Stability Mechanism (ESM) had been arranged to provide hyperinflationary bailout injections into any failing euro bank while promising to destroy any vestiges of democracy left in the Eurozone via the fiscal compact. In June, U.S Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner and Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke infamously coordinated to arrange legislation to force the U.S to provide trillions in bailout to Europe, and in July, the LIBOR scandal erupted proving that the leading London controlled banks had been artificially fixing the interest rates to create untold sums of money out of thin air. For their complicity in knowably covering up these LIBOR crimes for several years, Timothy Geithner and Ben Bernanke have found themselves testifying in Congress.

Two of the key banks setting the LIBOR were HSBC, and Royal Bank of Scotland, the controller of Bank Coutts. In the Levin report published this month before the hearings, it was proven that HSBC has been one among many of the largest banks which have been complicit in not only laundering huge sums of drug profits to sustain the global bubble, but has also been key in keeping international terrorism financed. The HSBC connections to Al Rajhi bank of Saudi Arabia, has created a direct link to the financing of Al Qaeda.

This story is not new.

In 1978, the Executive Intelligence Review produced a 300 page expose which was reputed to have driven Henry Kissinger into a rage known as Dope In. Dope Inc. had exposed the top down control of the world drug trade, to have the three fold purpose so necessary in the maintenance of a modern global empire following in the traditions of the Opium wars of the 19th century. Those objectives were;

1) Keep the populations of victim nations locked in a spiritual death of addiction and decay.

2) Provide for limitless profits for the local oligarchies and their investors within choice nations, along with parasitical mafia structures the world over.

3) Ensure the financing of covert operations such as 9-11 and global terrorism to keep victim populations in a state of fear, creating consistent excuses to administer endless chains of wasting wars abroad. All to destroy the foundations of the sovereign nation state system.

Canada’s Role

The contents of Dope Inc (still available online at proved not only the structure and intent of the London centered control of the drug trade, but also featured a chapter called “Canada; Shanghai of North America” demonstrating the pivotal role of Canada’s banks, leading operatives and elite clubs in keeping the flow of drugs moving into the USA via the “silver triangle” of Asia and profits laundered through their coffers and especially their offshore branches.

Today, two of the “big 5” Canadian banks (Scotiabank and RBC) have generated a massive presence in offshore banking. Both Scotiabank and RBC are among the major banks with massive offshore presences in the Cayman Islands, Caribbean and Latin America.

In May 2012, merely weeks after the Bank Coutt’s settlement to shut down the drug money laundering case in London, the decision was made from the top that the explicit connection between the monarch and Dope Inc was too much to bear, and arrangements were made to sell all of Coutt’s Caribbean, Latin American and African branches to… the Royal Bank of Canada. In April, the head of RBC’s wealth management arm George Lewis described the purchase in the following euphoric terms: “This business represents an excellent opportunity to increase our market share with high net worth and ultrahigh net worth clients in high growth markets while delivering very attractive returns”.

The fact is that Canada is now, and always has been what Dope Inc called the “Shanghai of the North”. As a colony of the British Empire, local oligarchies have been cultivated by their British masters since pre-confederation to run operations against the American system nation building traditions of the United States through the highly centralized control of Canada’s financial system, monarchical political system and elite clubs[3]. It is

The Solution

The exposure of such weak links as Coutts and HSBC are valuable only if an intention is existent to expose and extinguish the evil that governs the failing world financial system once and for all. Former head of the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime Antonio Maria Costa as well as Russian anti drug czar Viktor Ivanov have both emphasized in various locations that the only reason that the financial system has not collapsed over recent years has been due to the constant infusions of drug money. In the case of a 2011 speech in Chicago, Viktor Ivanov was quoted as saying;  “To a certain extent, we are observing a revival of the logic of the Glass-Steagall Act adopted in the USA in 1933, at the height of the Great Depression, which separated deposit and investment functions of banks. However hard restrictions to prevent criminal money attraction are required yet more. In other words, liquidation of the financial bubble alone will not be enough. The key way to liquidate global drug trafficking is to reformat the existing economy and to shift to an economy that excludes criminal money and provides reproduction of net liquid assets, i.e., to an economy of development, where decisions are based on development projects and special-purpose credits.”

Ivanov and Costa have both attacked the twisted logic supported by the advocates of the drug decriminalization lobby as they have both pointed out on numerous occasions that drugs are tied directly to the global terrorist movement, something which will not stop once drugs become decriminalized.

Were a Glass Steagall standard immediately applied, as the Marcy Kaptur HR1489 now proposes to do, and as the Four Pillars may do for Canada, an extinguishing of the fictitious debts from the system would finally be initiated. Not only that, but a systemic solution to both drugs, and terrorism would be effected as well. Within the context of this newly cleansed system, a viable return to national banking and great infrastructure programs like the North American Water and Power Alliance (NAWAPA) could be initiated to begin the rehabilitation of our physical economy and most importantly national spirit. As Ivanov echoed the policy of Lyndon LaRouche above, the re-application of a system of national productive credit would provide the means by which nations may create the advanced industries, and infrastructure corridors so necessary for the maintenance of healthy forward thinking optimistic citizens. Within this world, children who can today expect little more from their future than a haze of drugs and an endless search for immediate pleasures may finally be provided the opportunity to participate in the development of their nation and society as a whole.


[3] The Royal Institute for International Affairs and the Order of Malta (aka: Knights of the Order of Jerusalem) are two of the older such clubs whose high ranking members pepper the lists of boards of directors of the major banks, universities, companies and governing offices. The system of the Privy Council Office also provides a useful gateway to controlling the backdoor of Canada’s internal policy. While the Canadian Council of Chief Executives is newer having been founded in 1973, it holds every leading CEO of Canadian business on its list of members and boasts of representing over 4 trillion dollars in assets, and having influenced every major policy decision of the Canadian government for 40 years.