by Matthew Ehret-Kump

An eruption of accusations that the Iranian embassy of Canada is at the center of an international espionage operation has occurred this week having been sparked by the comments made by Hamid Mohammadi, Councellor for Cultural Affairs for the Embassy during an interview to an Iranian journal calling (quite reasonably) for Iranians to resist being integrated into Canadian culture, and to essentially keep their patriotic identities intact. (  — webmaster note:  Ottawa Citizen has since removed the article referenced)   The point of the interview which has sparked the terror campaign centers around Mohammadi’s otherwise assertion that it is good that Iranian born Canadian citizens with strong national ties hold influential positions in Canada, and encouraged cultural outreach to develop an endangered patriotism in Iranian expats.The allegations that the Iranian embassy is the center of an espionage conspiracy run by the Iranian Regime were amplified by the office of the Foreign Minister John Baird, who merely days before (on July 6) attacked Russia and China for being obstacles to Syrian freedom (that is; blowing up Syria). Baird’s joining in the condemnation of the Iranian embassy has resulted in a frenzy of calls to close down the embassy permanently. Among notable voices calling for the closure are former Canadian Secret Intelligence Service (CSIS) director David Harris, and Iranian pop star (wife to Canadian Defense Minister Peter Mackay) Nazanin Afshin Jam. Harris, who now directs the neo-con affiliated International Terrorism and Intelligence Program at Insignis Strategic Research, has been quoted as saying; “Iran with its nuclear weapons development, and thousands volunteering for suicide missions, has an aggressive presence in Ottawa, variously relying on an victimizing its expats… it should have been closed down yesterday”. Harris is a regular commentator on Fox News and has already spread paranoid venom to Americans that Iran is set to send countless terrorists across the poorly guarded US-Canada border to carry out terrorist activities.

The flood of media propaganda since the morning of July 10 when the Mohammadi interview became public has been striking, and coincides with several other local and international decisions by the Harper government accelerate the drive for war. Within 24 hours of the espionage scandal’s creation, the Toronto Dominion Bank has been the first of Canada’s 6 banks to act upon the recent government decree demanding that all financial services cease being provided to anyone in Iran or for the benefit of Iran, including many of the 500 000 Canadian Iranian citizens who have now found their accounts frozen. On an even more confrontational front, the Canadian battleship HMCS Regina has been deployed for a permanent mission off the Straits of Hormuz which is tasked to defend the flow of oil to international markets should conflict arise. The HMCS Regina will be replacing the HMCS Charlottown which was a key factor in the illegal attack on Libya, for which Canada supplied over 10% of the air strike support.

The Alienation of China

In terms of burning diplomatic bridges abroad and encouraging xenophobia within, the current Conservative government has made it a bit of an art. On top of the abrasive stance taken against Iran and Syria, China has also suffered a barrage of McCarthy-like attacks by the Canadian press, and CSIS-Privy Council intelligence community alike which has accused China of encouraging sexpionage (using Chinese journalists to seduce Canadian politicians in order to access top secret information), and infiltrating Canada’s computer systems with backdoor programs. The former accusation was made in several press conferences in from June 2010 to November 2011 spearheaded by CSIS director Richard Fadden (who’s former job was Deputy Clerk of the Privy Council Office which is renowned as being the most active British hand inside Canada).

In the latter case, an unprecedented National security trade exemption went into effect in June 2012 banning Chinese companies from providing telecommunications services to Ottawa. Government officials describe this as the first in a series of contracting restrictions intended to erect a “cyber perimeter” around Canada over the coming months to prevent Manchurian microchips and Trojan Hardware from a China which is hungry for any and all intelligence it can steal. This has been a replication of a similar ban enacted by Canada’s sister colony Australia earlier this year.

It is important to keep in mind, that while broad energy and mineral contracts are still active between Canada and China, Harper’s joining in the Trans Pacific Partnership in late June 2012 has also left China out of the economic loop, wherein the new free trade commitments in the TPP suck the 14 participant nations into binding NAFTA-like accords, yet cut off all participants dramatically from having any economic involvement with China, which was never invited into the mix.

These measures must be understood as an effect of China’s resistance of the pressure imposed upon them by the British puppets of the international Community. Instead of succumbing to the empire’s war drive, China has chosen to align itself with the Putin doctrine of National Sovereignty, and peace through scientific and technological development. The resolve to not succumb to any attempt by the western powers to attack Syria and Iran was made official in the meeting of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization of June 6 2012.

The Case of Russia

It is only by understanding the Putin factor leading Russia that one can understand the strength China has found in standing up to the dying oligarchy’s last attempt at securing thermonuclear war while its financial system comes undone. The primary target of Canadian aggression is not China. Militarily speaking, Russia has been the focus of Canadian hostility ever since 2008 when an international scandal was created around two Russian Planes flying near Canadian airspace which was interpreted by Defense Minister Peter McKay as an act of over aggression and an existential to Canada’s sovereignty. This was followed weeks later by another “national security threat” to Canada’s sovereignty due to a Russian submarine’s posting of a Russian flag in disputed arctic waters during a scientific expedition.

Due to several years of constant propaganda, the average Canadian citizen has been led to believe that Canadian arctic sovereignty is at risk by the greedy Russians, and that all measures necessary must be adopted to ensure that it is protected. This had originally taken the form of an announcement to militarize the arctic (that was momentarily put on ice due to the economic collapse), and the recentannouncement of the intention to purchase of 3-5 unmanned Global Hawk drones which will be mandated to patrol arctic territories full time.

Where do we Go from here?

The only option for Canada is to scrap the self destructive policy of London and move with the LaRouche program for world recovery. This begins by accepting Russia’s proposal to work together as allies to build the Bering Strait tunnel, and develop an economic policy of Arctic development which transcends the current imperial practice of conservation of natural tundra and militarization.  This must be done with an outlook to a long term view of cooperative development based upon common aims and national development. It is this longterm outlook which will provide the definition to putting out the flames of the current hyperinflationary economic meltdown underway across the trans Atlantic system through the speedy application of a Global Glass Steagall separation of banking (known in Canada’s history as the Four Pillars) and an adoption of a New Fixed Exchange Rate Hamiltonian Credit system. It is only this long term outlook and the associated mechanisms needed to bring them into being, which will allow for the ushering in of an era of sovereign republics acting in accord with the natural laws of progress.