Over the last few weeks, The Rising Tide Foundation hosted a series of two lectures by renowned journalist/historian Martin Sieff.

In these presentations, Martin unveiled the true causes for the murders of both Russian Czar Alexander II (aka: The Great Liberator) and American President William McKinley which went far to derail the flow of history at a time of great potential and the near-destruction of the British Empire.

Martin’s first presentation on January 25th showcased the importance of the 1881 London Conference of the Anarchist International, and introduce the figure of leading social engineer Prince Kropotkin who spearheaded an international array of anarchist-assassination cells that were deeply enmeshed into both British Intelligence and even certain powerful fifth column operations inside of Russia.

In his second presentation on February 1st, Martin unpacked two important assassinations unleashed by these networks on two opposing sides of the world with one singular objective: Destroy the unfolding of a new era of win-win cooperation and the institution of the sovereign nation state.

Speaker Bio: Martin Sieff is Adjunct Professor of Transnational Threats at Bay Atlantic University and a senior fellow of the Global Policy Institute and the American University in Moscow. For 25 years, he served as lead Washington Correspondent for the Washington Times. Martin is the author of seven books including “Cycles of Change: the patterns of US politics from Thomas Jefferson to Barack Obama‘ – and “Gathering Storm: The Three Great Eras of US History and Coming Crisis that Will Lead to the Fourth” (which will be released shortly)

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  1. I listened to lecture number one! Brilliant mind however way too much information! This educated gentleman spreads so much knowledge that he goes all over the place! Please Sir narrow down the topic and discipline yourself to stay on track and on topic! Please SLOW DOWN! I wonder how you would react if I spoke German or French at your speed of delivery? Please SLOW DOWN! The topic is not about Bismark, Saudi Arabia, Italy or France it is about Russia and Alexander II [with bloody British connection to London City the warmongering vatican state of money!] Thank you

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