In this Canadian Patriot Podcast, Matt chats with investigative journalist John Helmer about the many unreconstructed Nazis that were given sanctuary as part of NATO’s international secret armies post WWII with a special focus on Yaroslav Hunka (former waffen SS officer feted by Parliament on September 22) and Chrystia Freeland’s beloved grandfather Michael Chomiak.

How are the narrative controllers currently attempting to reduce this scandal to a topic revolving around events locked safely in a cage 80 years in the past devoid of any connection to current events?

How do both anti-Russian secular jews like Igor Kolomoisky and Zelensky resolve their Jewishness with their devoted support for modern Nazis working with the Ukrainian military and Civil Service… such as the Azov and Aidar Battalions?

What role does Irwin Cotler play within this game or Humka’s son Martin whose vast wealth acrued through his role as former CFO of Redpath Mining Holdings?

What will Poland do with this scandal and what secrets might their archives or the still-classified 1987 Deschenes commission report on Nazi criminals in Canada hold today?

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