Is the world overpopulated as we have been told or are we victims of a massive lie obscuring the fact that humanity is the only species which can always leap beyond the changing limits to our growth potential?

On Saturday August 5th from 3-6pm Eastern Time, Cynthia and Matt Ehret will be hosting a seminar in Montreal Canada tackling this topic and you are invited.

We will see why the scientific arguments upholding this anti-human thesis sit upon foundations of sand and why humanity has a bright future if we reject the Malthusian assumptions demanded by today’s financier oligarchy in a bid to reduce the world population to “sustainable” levels.

We will look at both the scientific as well as cultural and economic systems past and present that satisfy the mandate written in the code of Natural Law to be fruitful, multiply and replenish the earth. This exercise will introduce a new look at the emerging multipolar system coming together around the BRICS.

If you’d like to come to the event and talk to Cynthia and I, then get a ticket on Eventbrite below (the exact address of the venue will be made available 24-48 hours prior to the event)

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