By Robert Billyard

The vocabulary of war is never complete as it has so many words and issues not mentioned and too often suppressed. The future of the world cannot be left to liars, propagandists and banksters.

I was some what amused recently when I read a report by a journalist referring to Putin’s aggression in Ukraine as being “revanchist”. He was using selective memory because he failed to recall the Maiden coup d’etat of 2014 which over threw the duly elected government of Victor Yanukovych which just happened to be aligned with Russia. The coup was the first step in provoking Russia into a war NATO wanted. Russia was forced to intervene for strategic as well as humanitarian reasons as Neo-Nazi militias were attacking and killing ethnic Russian civilians in Eastern Ukraine.

NATO’s treachery could not be covered up with cheap propaganda and the truth leaked out like a fire hose.NATO as the the planner and financier is now flummoxed because as the conflict wears down there it is being seen for what it is— imperialist aggression against Russia. NATO has badly managed the war, and betrayed its Ukraine proxy.

NATO has reduced itself to being a hybrid cowardly lion and paper tiger all in one.Russia was responding to a incursion on its border just as the US would not tolerate USSR ballistic missiles in Cuba—in response to US already having installed missiles in Turkey aimed at the USSR earlier.

The Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962 was a tit for tat crisis where both sides backed off to avoid nuclear war. The Ukraine coup is another NATO tit for tat provocation on Russia’s doorstep and for reasons stated above Russia was forced to intervene in its legitimate sphere of interest— where Russia is not allowed to maintain a sphere of influence on its home borders the US claims the whole world as its sphere of influence and uses it positioning flanked by two great oceans to wage war on the world with impunity

Russia was only taking back what was there’s and NATO was trying to steal what was not theirs in keeping with its usual belligerence to countries who refuse to cater to Western interests.Ukrainian soldiers do not die defending their country they die for banksters in New York and London wanting to expand their financial empire globally.

Anglo-American Revanchist Wars

Anyone following WW lll will note Washington and London work in very close co-operation in the grand tradition of British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s deceitfulness.

This is a tale of two cities as the financial capitals of the West, London and New York, and their interests must be defended at all costs. As the multipolar world inevitably emerges these two cities are going to take a financial haircut and their braided locks, they insist, are not for the cutting.Not only do they not want to take a financial hair cut they want to consolidate their financial hegemony globally. They claim ownership of what they see as theirs and their entitlement. It is not theirs, even so they threaten nuclear war

WW lll is very much a hybrid war where economic greed is the central issue.******

Brzezinski’s Warning

Zbigniew Brzezinski(1928-2017) was the chief architect of America’s plans for global supremacy and the conquering of Russia and China, Journalist Mike Whitney stated in his article Brzezinski’s Warning:

“Washington’s grandiose plan to confront Russia and China at the same time illustrates the shortcomings of a policy-making body that has eliminated anyone whose views veer even slightly from the warmongering consensus. (“Groupthink” writ large) It’s interesting to note that the main architect of Washington’s plan to rule the world, Zbigniew Brzezinski, eventually abandoned the idea altogether and called for forging ties with Russia and China. In an article that was written shortly before his death, Brzezinski said the following:

As its era of global dominance ends, the United States needs to take the lead in realigning the global power architecture…the United States is still the world’s politically, economically, and militarily most powerful entity but, given complex geopolitical shifts in regional balances, it is no longer the globally imperial power….the United States must take the lead in realigning the global power architecture in such a way that the violence …can be contained without destroying the global order.a long and painful road toward an initially limited regional accommodation is the only viable option for the United States, Russia, China, and the pertinent Middle Eastern entities. For the United States, that will require patient persistence in forging cooperative relationships with some new partners (particularly Russia and China)…The fact is that there has never been a truly “dominant” global power until the emergence of America on the world scene…. During the latter part of the 20th century no other power even came close. That era is now endingToward a Global Realignment, Zbigniew Brzezinski, The American Interest)”

Where Brzezinski acknowledges the need to avoid open warfare he does not go so far as to state the USA must accept other world powers co co-equals. It cannot treat other world powers with the arrogant condescension it did with China and at their Anchorage Summit in 2021. America has to accept it is not Rome and all roads do not lead to it. It must be become the progressive partner, no longer the belligerent war monger.

Western power elites have developed very power tools to control the narrative of what we think to the point where we don’t. We are programed to serve their agenda. To carry out their agenda they must lie, cheat, and steal what is not theirs. They must block the realities of the world, slander history, run from the truth in service to their insatiable megalomania.

Fundamental to understanding the world’s present crisis is the Anglo-American marriage made in hell. The USA and Great Britain are chasing former glories at the world’s expense, holding us all at gunpoint and threatening nuclear war with NATO as their Frankenstein . They must embrace the 21st century and a new era.They refuse to accept the reality a new and inevitable multipolar world is emerging, as they exhaust themselves waging futile wars and holding their populations hostage as slaves to endless wars.They speak war of crimes and threats by others, when they are the enemy. They are the constant threat to world peace and progress, at a time they should be rehabilitating their own societies and building better futures for their peoples.

NATO’s dismal failure in Ukraine signals an even greater failure in going to war against China which it is hotly pursuing and totally delusional given its long list of failed imperialist adventurism.

...And these are the lost souls who want to run the world.

NATO is the agent for Anglo-America’s conquest of the world. It is not up to the job. After 300 years of imperial failures it is not theirs for the taking. Perpetual war is perpetual sociocide.

This article was first published on Robert Billyard’s Substack

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