By Martin Sieff

Why is the Biden administration against every consideration of common sense, sanity and plain physical survival intent on provoking a thermonuclear world war with Russia over Ukraine as soon as possible?

Relentlessly the evidence continues to pile up as one escalation and provocation follows remorselessly after another.On Friday, July 7, just three days after the annual Fourth of July national holiday jamboree setting off millions of fireworks from coast to coast, the Biden administration has just approved a vastly very different kind of fireworks display half a world away. It has approved the supply of cluster bombs to Ukraine.These hideous, truly lethal weapons have only one aim – to massacre, kill and also nightmarishly maim and injure as many victims as possible. And their targets are only going to be Russian soldiers – along with the few thousand Ukrainian civilians who invariably get regrettably but unavoidably caught in the “Friendly Fire.”Also on Friday, respected analyst Aaron Mate notes in sub-stack that Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy plans to surround Crimea with heavy weaponry and threaten to hold it “hostage”.All this occurs as fears continue to circulate that the United States will permit Ukraine attack the Zaporizhzhia Nuclear Power Plant in as possible false flag operation to outrage the already carefully prepared, brainwashed and brain- dry cleaned Western – especially US and British – public to approve the direct intervention of NATO troops to get Zelenskyy and his high roll gambling, irresponsible regime off the hook of its totally unsuccessful latest “counter-offensive” that fizzled without a trace – except for the latest rivers of the blood of young conscript soldiers that was shed.

And above all, why does Biden, who touted his supposed 44 years of experience in foreign policy as basis for policies of restraint, responsibility and peace be so obsessed with warmongering policies that have already cost hundreds of thousands of innocent lives. Where does all this stupidity, this recklessness and this plain arrogant, blind wickedness come from?How can it be that the United States government which has long claimed to seek global peace and responsibly avoid the risk of thermonuclear war now appears literally hell bent on provoking it with its potentially most dangerous foe? A policy that flies in the face of every maxim of restraint and peace preached and practiced by Presidents George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Ulysses Grant, Franklin Roosevelt, Dwight Eisenhower, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan – all of whom sought peace and cooperation with Russia and the Soviet Union?In October 1962, the now revered (because he is safely dead) President John F. Kennedy searched desperately and ultimately successfully for a formula that would allow the Soviet Union, as well as the United States, to back down from the thermonuclear brink?Why is it that President Joe Biden, who served an unprecedented combined 44 years as a United States senator and vice president, cannot just passively but even eagerly go along with this mounting cacophony of escalation and destruction, after following supporting every Western move to block a peace and just resolution of the Ukraine conflict with Donetsk and Lugansk under the Minsk peace accords?Ultimately all these insane policies and the wicked, plain wrong and wild sweeping assumptions and fantasies they come from are fruit of the same poisonous tree. They come from the mind of late national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, who was appointed to that position by the exceptionally inept and incompetent President Jimmy Carter.Following the trauma and eternal discrediting of the old Democratic Party foreign policy establishment in the fiasco of the Vietnam War, Democrats of every stripe recoiled from any issue of foreign policy like medieval Europeans from lepers and the Devil. That left the field free for Brzezinski to dominate the field of Democratic foreign policy making for an extraordinary 40 years right up to his death. Brzezinski was the chief guru and supposed “wise man” who “guided ” the foreign policies of two successive two-term Democratic presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama: And the results on both occasions were uniformly catastrophic and inept. with appalling consequences for the United States of America and the American people.

It was Brzezinski, under Carter and then through the 1980s who insisted on arming and empowering extreme Islamist terrorists across the Muslim world. He did not care that he was creating a force of lethal destruction and virulent hatred that would quickly be turned against the American people themselves with appalling cost: He only cared that he was arming hate crazed fanatics to kill Russians. He was always frank and open about this.It was Brzezinski who relentless lobbied for, supported and championed the catastrophically corrupt government of Boris Yeltsin – as fraudulently labeled “democratic” in its day as Volodymyr Zelenskyy is now in Ukraine -that cost the lives of well over 25 million Russians during the catastrophic economic crash of the 1990s when bodies lay untended in the streets and most of the old, the infirm and the very young died silently in their homes, when the smell of stale urine  permeated every nick and cranny of previously – and once again now – hygienic, pleasant well-kept Russian cities. (I know. I was there: I smelled it and saw it with my own eyes.)It was Brzezinski who urged relentlessly on Bill Clinton the fatal move of allowing China to join the World Trade Organization and leave America’s great domestic industries totally unprotected to be ravaged and destroyed over the following 20 and more years.Once again, all he cared about was building up China as a weapon against Russia. The fact that China could become a far more lethal threat and challenge to the United States and that it could even make common cause in its self- interest with Russia never crossed his chess-obsessed, racist, Russian-hating brain.And of course it was Brzezinski in his fateful 1997 book “The Grand Chessboard” who grandly opined that the West must not rest until it had transformed a harmless, peace loving, neutral Ukraine into a NATO spearhead designed to dismember and destroy Russia. Brzezinski died in May 2017: To the very end he supported the demonization and false lying accusations against President Donald Trump to prevent him improving US relations with Russia and pulling the world back from the brink of thermonuclear Armageddon. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama remained his willing dupes and accomplices to the very end: They still are.And we all sit on the brink of thermonuclear Armageddon as a result: For Brzezinski and his demons have not been exorcised yet.

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