On this week’s episode of The Multipolar Reality on Rogue News (formerly “The Great Game”), I break down the historic dynamics shaping Japan as a military colony controlled by British grand strategists since the late 19th century.

Also discussed are the dark British origins of US Military Intelligence and the Five Eyes going back to the murder of McKinley in 1901, and takeover of the British-directed Pilgrims’ Society. Four history altering false flag events are also analyzed from 9/11 that justified the war on terror, The Gulf of Tonkin attack that justified Vietnam, Pearl Harbor that justified WW2 and the sinking of the Lusitania that pulled the USA into WWI.

Finally, the role of Rhodesian fanatics like Winston Churchill and MI5 deputy chief Claude Dansey in setting up the re-colonization of the USA via the creation of the MI5-modelled FBI in 1909, the Black Chamber (later NSA) in 1918, UKUSA Signals Agreement of 1946 and British directed CIA in 1947 is outlined in some length.

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