The Western military alliance, NATO, will open a liaison office in the Japanese capital Tokyo next year despite warnings against its expansion into Asia.

Japanese media report that the military alliance will use the office as a hub for cooperation with South Korea, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. The NATO’s plan was also announced by the Japanese ambassador to the U-S in May. Koji Tomita said the office will be set up to facilitate consultations in the region. The announcement comes amid growing military cooperation between China and Russia in the Asia-Pacific. Beijing warned against the plan when it was first reported. Opening an office in Tokyo, however, is facing a major obstacle as France, a key NATO member, is pushing back against it. President Emmanuel Macron has said the move would be a big mistake.

In this week’s News Review on Press TV, Matt Ehret and analyst Christopher Halali break down the dynamics of the west’s race to contain China and Russia

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