Mel K and Matt Ehret break down the roots of eco-terrorism and made the point that the exact same axioms animating the anti-humanist oligarchs at Davos are the same as those eco-revolutionary anarchists obsessed with tearing down civilization “from below”. And yes, all of this is tied to MK Ultra and the Unabomber

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  1. MKULTRA entailed parts which were never officially exposed since Richard Helms removed or destroyed those parts in 1973. Those more secret parts probably were related to projects running in parallell with those openly performed by Jose Delgado. That is it was about electronic technology for mindreading and mind manipulation. The relevant term would be neurocybernetics and Officer Julianne McKinney mentioned in 1995 the year before Theodor Kaczynski was arrested, that RMA, a revolution in military affaires was to an extent about neurocybernetic methods.
    Like I have mentioned before here there are reasons to doubt what has been reported about Ted K. Is there any certain proof that he ever killed or injured anybody? Or that there were any real killings by way of pipe bombs?
    It may be the case that this was only false media reports directed by the CIA and that there was a motive from the authorities to discourage scientists and technical expertise from telling people about the existent types of technology for secret mind manipulation.
    It makes sense that the clandestine power would want to direct a threat to experts just of the kind we associate with Ted K, that is using bombs.
    I think I also mentioned that Walter Bowart interviewed an engineer with knowledge about electronic [neurocybernetic] implants in the autumn of 1994
    His account revealed that the CIA since 1888/89 had obtained a variety of implants which were referred to as chiklets, like pieces of chewing gum.
    The material chosen gave a low contrast with bone. It may even have solidified to coincide structurally with the bone structure thus, at least in appearance becoming part of the skeleton.
    Thus it wouldnt be visible on an Xray image.
    Discussion groups on the topic of mind control in the early internet days claimed that some 300+ people worldwide were targeted with mind control.
    They said it all began in 1989.
    Canadian Eleonore White using the signature Raven or Raven1 was active in those days. I also recall that there was very briefly a graphic document showing the geographic distribution of the targeted individuals.
    They were very unevenly distributed as if somebody hade chosen a batch for experimentation. But I never saw it again so I dont know who actually posted that doc.
    The term chiklet is also used for block capacitors with long leads. And that seems like it might be related to a dipole antenna for the wireless linkage.
    However concerning the manifest Ted K denied having written it. And its content isnt very convincing as something genuinely felt by people who are critical about technology.
    It seems to fit an entirely different purpose.

    It is advisable to be more skeptical about the concerned kind of official story.

    I also recall David Emory interviewing some official figure in 1995.
    I think it may have been related to miniature mobile phone units connected to peoples auditory system and that they were used to talk into peoples minds or appeared to perform such a task.
    One named university was said to be involved with precisely that but I dont want to bring up that detail since I believe scientists prefer to be associated with positive applications of science.
    The person interviewed said he didnt like to embarras himself by sticking to such a story or some other form of retraction. I dont remember the exact wording. This illustrates what things were like in Clinton’s first period, the system seemingly opening up a bit and then the doors slammed.
    In 1995 one professor of law also made an official appearance and spoke of the large extent of ongoing experiments with mind reading. How many institutions and researchers and subjects who were involved.
    But I like to add that abuses of the technology need not necessarily be associated with the scientific side. There are signs that military units were directed to use the technology in a way that looks like somebody aimed to scandalise the technology to secure that no insider would dare expose it.
    This latter aspect may have seriously hampered the development of useful extensions of medical technology which would have been beneficial for millions of physically handicapped people worldwide.
    In my opinion humanity has wasted something like 40 years or more only to maintain the secrecy of the actual hardware used. Instead of putting it to good uses its existence has been repeatedly denied.
    The CIA has controlled the content of DSM manual to turn psychiatry into a catchnet for subjects of neurocybernetic experiments.
    Since the genuine cases of mental sickness are presumably much more common than cases of subjects of neurocybernetic experiment, I have to believe that most psychiatrist’s are in good faith when they deny any explanations outside the DSM context.
    This destructive turn of events was due to the funding of the research partly via the clandestine power.

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