In this RTF lecture, historian Anton Chaitkin shines light on the forgotten Promethean traditions of the United States with a focus on the life, thought and struggle of four great personalities: Benjamin Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt and John F Kennedy.

Anton demonstrates that the system of political economy that these statesmen devoted their lives to defending is very different from the thing what has come to be known as the “American System” that arose over the dead bodies of JFK, Malcolm X, Bobby Kennedy and Martin Luther King and it is in fact something which looks a lot more like today’s Greater Eurasian Partnership than anything found within the corridors of the G7, Wall Street or NATO.

Bio: Anton is a researcher, historian and activist who has published several best seller books on US history and politics including Treason in America: From Aaron Burr to Averell Harriman and the Unauthorized Biography of George Bush. Most recently he has published volume one of Who We Are: America’s Struggle for Universal Progress (1750s-1850s).

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