Fifty nine years have passed since the murder of President John F Kennedy, and 4000 documents remain illegally classified in spite of years of promises to make everything public according to the JFK Assassination Records Collection Act of 1992 which itself was made possible through the incredible work of Oliver Stone and his blockbuster film JFK.

In spite of that lack of full de-classification, enough evidence has been uncovered over the years, largely spearheaded by the pioneering work of New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison (played by Kevin Costner in Stone’s production) who led in the only jury trial investigating the true killers in 1966.

Garrison’s work didn’t stop at the trial which uncovered mountains of inconsistencies in the “official narrative” of a lone gunman promoted by the very CIA which Kennedy openly threatened to “splinter into a thousand pieces and scatter into the wind” after firing Allan Dulles. Garrison’s investigation continued until his death in 1992 and his discoveries led directly to a Montreal-based international assassination bureau set up by MI6 during WWII named Permindex and steered by Louis Mortimer Bloomfield- a character whose life is kept a mystery as letters and personal writings remain classified in Canada’s National Archives, in spite of their legal mandate to be made public 20 years after his 1984 death.

In this episode of The Great Game, I introduced the historical forces shaping the world when JFK become President in 1961, what this young man’s vision was for a post-colonial world of win-win cooperation, how he stood up to a financier oligarchy, fought to break up the CIA, and end the Vietnam war.

I also introduced the facts behind the cover up of JFK’s murder and how an Anglo-American intelligence operation coordinated through Montreal carried out the assassination, how New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison fought to reveal the truth throughout the last 3 decades of his life and how the current alliance of Russia and China are offering humanity a 2nd chance to pick up the torch where it was dropped by JFK in 1963.

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