This week, Matt was asked to deliver some remarks on Press TV and TNT Radio’s Chris Smith Show to break down the globalist war drive pushing the world towards a war with China.

During a very short segment of Press TV, Matt outlined why China responded to American arsonists with a serious array of sanctions for having amplified separatist ideologues in Taiwan during Tsai ing Wen’s recent visit to the USA. This can be viewed on Rumble here:


Later, on TNT Radio’s Chris Smith Show, Matt outlined the neocon battle plan of full spectrum dominance that has called for the military encirclement of both Russia and China in a game of nuclear chicken. This can be listened to here:

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One thought

  1. The map above thi article shows a red area marked “China” and a blue district calles “Taiwan”. However, Taiwan i a province of China both according to Republic of China and People’s Republic of China laws and constitutions. It’s OK that there is coloring in blue and red (where a few islands klose to Mainland China should also be marked in blue, but both areas should be marked as either “PR of China controlled area” or “R of China controlled area.
    Likewise, please notice that there is no “Taiwanese Army”: The forces opposing the Peoples Liberation Army’s PRC land, see and air groups do all wear markings saying “China Rep. Army” (Chung-hua chün/中華民國).

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