In this Round Table discussion, Matt joins Ray Coughlan, Grace Asagra and John Katsavos in a long discussion of the new series of essays ‘How to Save a Dying Republic’. The conversation dealt with America’s forgotten heritage, the American System of Political Economy and the importance of open system economics as the only paradigm which can overcome the Malthusian “population trap” caused by humanity’s carrying capacity

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One thought

  1. This audio presents a high class overview.
    I´d like to add that the Declaration of Independence in 1776 and the reasons behind it are the key to understand the misery state of our free civilization today. – It was not the British nation or the British state from which the 13 colonies broke away, but from a privileged ultra-rich minority (ideological successors of the unscrupulous merchants and shareholders of the East India Company). More than symbolically, the famous Boston Tea Party concerned a ship of that evil privileged company. – The secession was about two incompatible models of world order – free and self-determined development of people in a fair market economy or (in a hidden way) privileged, internationally operating companies and the political rule of big money.

    The US started as a free democratic republic – but were later clandestinely occupied by the “elite”, the representatives of big money/ deep state – see “124 Theses for Sustainable Peace in Freedom
    and Democracy” on (select English).

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