Is artificial intelligence truly the danger which Hollywood films from 2001: A Space Odyssee, Terminator, Matrix and Elon Musk warn?

What are the causes of the dangers of technology in general?

Is there a possibility for positive use of automation, 3D Printing, quantum computing and other elements of the thing called “Fourth Industrial Revolution”?

Or are all of these technologies intrinsically destructive?

In this edition of Kevin Barrett’s Truth Jihad Radio, Matt Ehret was invited to respond to the cynical anti-technology thesis put forward by David Skrbina’s ‘radical critique of technology’.

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To listen to David Skrbina’s presentation on Kevin Barrett’s radio program (prior to Matthew’s segment), click here

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One thought

  1. But has Kaczynski really stayed in prison all this time? He originally was isolated meaning few people knew he was even there.
    He claimed that he didnt write the published manifest. Other people have claimed that they wittnessed how a named sf-writer wrote the published version in cooperation with the FBI perhaps actually being a CIA-infiltrator of the FBI.
    It has been suggested that none of his terrorist acts actually ever happended.
    Kaczynski had been a voluntary participator in MKULTRA experiments of some kind.
    There was at the time when he was captured (and the narrative about him came out), a forthcoming congressional hearing headed by Senator John Glenn where victims of various claimed involuntary human experiments appeared and were able to be heard.
    I suspect that the timing of his capture was no coincidence but was aimed to warn off electronis engineers and similar from exposing secret technologies.
    Chut up or else we will conjure up some antitech terrorist to pipe bomb those of you who leak.
    And just months before, in the autumn of 1995 there was an incident that some elites would consider a leak in the form of an interview made by Walter Bowart.

    There are more aspects that to me indicates that the narrative about Kaczynski is manufactured without necessarily having any connection to the real person.
    But I wont digress about that now.

    Further I think it is important to look att Bill Clintons first period independent of whether or not Clinton personally did anything or not. There was an opening and it seems to me that it also showed up in what the Larouche circle were able to reveal.
    But about Kaczynski my conclusion is that it was all about maintaining secrets about electronic technologies and what they were used for. And his purported actions, real or falsely claimed, by complicit media were meant to scare electronics experts.
    Perhaps Kaczynski was setup or perhaps he was a usg agent all along.
    Another aspect I think matters is that electronics experts and more generally hitech people in the US have lost many opportunities due to the secrecy.
    In addition to mere profeteering offshoring facilitated secrecy.
    And I dont know but I suspect Japan was perhaps where some of the secret technology was produced.
    Before that, In the 1980s and on to 1992, some 20+ microwave ‘Starwars’ scientists at Marconi Labs died in suspicious accidents and suicides.

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