In this week’s episode of the Great Game on Rogue News, Matt and V dismantled the dizzying array of misinformation dolled out by snake oil salesman Peter Zeihan’s recent appearance on The Joe Rogan Experience.

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  1. Hello, Happy New Year, and great takedown of the smooth-talking air-head Peter Zeihan. I only see clips of Rogan’s shows these days, but I’ve noticed over the years he has a rotation of folks, like “ex”-CIA guy Mike Baker and Atlantic Council spook Jamie Metzl, who peddle different versions of the anti-China line. I think Rogan’s attitude is to let nitwits hang themselves with their own words, and Zeihan certainly accomplishes that task in this interview, because you know that the Iraqi Army in 2003 totally outperformed anything the “sub-human” Russians have done in Ukraine. My sense is that people like Zeihan have no awareness of how thoroughly they discredit themselves, or they assume that they are speaking to an “Amen Chorus” of like-minded idiots. It might be fun to have Rogan on a CP podcast. Cheers, Todd

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